Indian Models

Jatin Khirbat is grounded—with a focussed vision. Sporting a clean-cut appearance, a strong jaw line and killer physique, he continues to dominate the billboards and runways. His newest passion is to give back to the modeling industry by advising aspiring models. He is also a fashion influencer and undertakes brand strategy.  In conversation with him.


When I first interviewed the polite and charming young man a decade back, he had mentioned that he wanted to be a software engineer and completed Bachelor of Computer Application but changed his career path when he was scouted in college to model for Pavers England. Although he loved modeling, he quickly realised it couldn't be a long-term career and diversified into fitness training in his spare time after undertaking courses from Gold Gym and American Council of Exercise.


Seeing the passion shine in his eyes even today, I ask him what makes him a good model. ''First of all, I am fond of modeling. Whenever I'm on a modeling assignment I just love everything about it. I don't think about how many garments I have to wear; I just focus on how I can make it look the best possible'', he shares.


How do you stay fit today, I ask? Has his routine changed with time? ''Exercising, for me, is a form of meditation. I never skip a day because it helps me feel good. I concentrate strength training for every muscle in the gym six days a week and do active rest in the park by doing Surya Namaskar. My routine, however, keeps changing due to extensive travel which is a part of my profession. I am clear about my diet though — I try to eat five- six small meals a day and in each meal I take 40-50 percent carbohydrates, 30-40 percent protein and 10-20 percent fat. I drink a glass of carrot, beet, tomato and ginger juice every day as this is good for skin; I eat green leafy vegetables; I generally avoid sugar and processed food; and I drink a lot of water to hydrate my body.''


So, which campaigns, tvcs or shows stand out most in your memory, I ask? ''I have done several great shows and shoots in the past. The one that stands out in my memory is United Colors of Benetton. The main reason for this is that the brand showcase its collection with a variety of models such as high fashion models, commercial models, plus-size models, mature models and children too. I always love the vibe of their shows.''


Do you feel you will get job satisfaction from modelling or would you like to diversify at some point, I continue to prod? ''I get job satisfaction when the client is happy. If I talk in terms of income I used to be satisfied with the money when I started out. But when your income increases do does your expenditure. Ninety per cent of our clients have the same budget for models since years and it is a sad reality that models do not have the option to turn down modeling jobs because this is the only source of income we have… this is the only place I feel dissatisfaction but I do not want to leave the profession because I love modeling so I diversified into a fashion influencer and started accepting paid collaborations with brands — this is a good source of income for models. I also offer brand strategies to offering fashion brands and models on how they can fare in this tough competition. And yes, at the beginning of my career, I was also giving personal training and still I offer it to few clients. All these multiple sources of income give me confidence and financial stability so I can now take a call on which modeling job to accept or turn down.''


Impressed, I ask Jatin Khirbat for a nugget of wisdom for aspiring models. ''Begin investing early. It will save your future. And never depend on one source of income. Always have multiple sources of income. Trust me, it boosts your confidence and makes you financially independent and secure.''