Indian Models

Jatin Khirbat is grounded—with a focussed vision. Sporting a clean-cut appearance and killer physique, he is best described as the young man all the girls are swooning over—more so after he became a permanent feature on billboards, at fashion shows and in campaigns. His idol is none other than supermodel David Gandy, and like his idol, he has no illusions about fame.


''I began modeling while in University. I completed Bachelor of Computer Application as I wanted to be a software engineer in those days but I lost interest in it and took up modeling when the opportunity presented itself. I got my first assignment by winning the title of 'Best Fresh Male Model' in my college fest — it was for Pavers England! I felt so full of energy and loved the way it made me feel; I was a very shy guy and had never thought it possible that my dream of modelling would one day be a reality! And I fervently hoped it would open the gate for a career in Bollywood. But as time passed and I realised modelling couldn't be taken as a long-term career, I diversified into fitness studies with courses from Gold Gym and American Council of Exercise and whenever I was free I trained clients.''


Seeing the passion shine in his eyes, I ask him to share advice for aspiring models. ''Everyone is unique and I believe everyone has aura… although I do think I have that extra oomph (grins). I have been told by several industry veterans that my face is unique… I have a strong jaw line which make me different from other models and of course my physique is pretty good…that however does not ensure success. I think everyone is aiming for success and my funda is to be yourself and let your work say it all. If you run after people for work, nobody will give you respect! Is modelling a creative profession…?? No! The only thing a model can acquire is fashion knowledge — what to wear when! My dressing sense has evolved since I stepped into this industry. That said, I have advice for aspiring models — research agencies and join a good one to get groomed, gain knowledge of the industry and get a strong portfolio shot… and then only go for castings. Please do not work for free because no body will respect you!''