Indian Models

Inderpreet Singh is doing stellar fashion editorials, made his presence felt at India Luxury Style Week and is finalist of Peter England Mr. India. A polite, focussed young man, he is following a pre-determined path to achieve life goals and here's what he says on his life as an Indian male model and potential Mr. India.


''I love modelling but it is a stepping stone to a future where I can explore more of me, my talents, my capabilities and my devotion to work, which will help me in achieving my long-term life goals. As a model, I have a positive attitude and stay fit; the face and body doesn't matter — what matters is the way you groom yourself and build your personality.


People often ask me about rivalry! There is competition among models; no doubt there!! Everyone gets jealous because they want to replace the person they consider perfect! What they don't know is that the every model is perfect in their own ways!! I usually ignore all of this and concentrate on myself. I focus on what I have to do and never get into controversies! I belive rivalries leave a negative impact on our lives. Every decision, every step has to be taken wisely. You can't indulge in petty rivalries; besides a good model will not have time for this!


Speaking of Peter England Mr. India, I am feeling thrilled to be a finalist from Chandigarh and now I am all set to give my best performance in the Mumbai auditions. I have prepared myself physically, mentally and worked real hard on my talent — acting. I aspire to be the best amongst all the finalists and it is my dream to be the next Mr. India. I hope for the best.


For aspiring models, my advice is that there are a lot of shortcuts, and these shortcuts can help you reach your goal for a short time perhaps, but that too is not guaranteed!! You cannot be sure that these shortcuts will help you or not. Just concentrate on following the right direction, work hard, be ethical and be proud of yourself! Work real hard and make yourself that capable that everyone will genuinely wish to give you work. And, yeah, the way you dress doesn't matter; what matters is the way you groom yourself, the way you carry yourself, be it a dress from Zara or from the local market!!! I would also recommend working with an agency as they will manage everything i.e. plan your schedule.''