Indian Models

Hamid Iqbal pursued a masters degree in pharmaceutics but at the back of his mind he always knew he wanted more than that. Walking for a collegiate show inspired him to pursue modelling — and there's been no looking back since. After observing his ramp presence, I spoke to the young man from Kashmir about his journey and he proved to be quite a rad conversationalist!


''I was born, raised and attended school in Kashmir. Since I was a bright student, my family thought it would be good for me to join a college in Delhi. This was in 2013 — at first I found it horrible because of the change in ambience and climate. But I managed to survive and after some time I began liking it! I'm fun loving and outgoing so making friends has never been a problem. After graduation my friends poked and prodded me to give modelling a shot as they thought I had what it takes! Every second person told me, "Bro why don't you try modelling?'' I didn't pay heed until I walked for a collegiate fashion show… the high I felt while walking the ramp was unparalleled. I was hooked! Sadly, my academic schedule was tight for three years. But the desire to be a model never abated; once I graduated, I began meeting people from the industry. It took me some time to get a foothold but here we are!


What attracted me to modelling? I always knew I wasn't a 9-5 guy. I'm passionate about exploring something new, but to carry my family legacy forward, I completed masters in pharmaceutics from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences before pursuing anything else. Initially I didn't have the courage to tell my family I wished to pursue a profession that our religion doesn't allow and I would wonder how to break the news to them; fortunately people from our locality saw my photographs on Flipkart and were so thrilled they congratulated my father that his son was a supermodel [or so they thought]. Papa called me and asked, ''Have you been modelling?'' That was my opportunity to come clean and I confessed. Luckily my dad was cool about it and advised me to build a strong academic base before pursuing modelling full-time… and I couldn't agree more! Today I have good shows and shoots coming up.  And I aspire to diversify into acting. Life's good!''


What do you feel makes you a good model today, I ask? ''Other than looks and lean physique, my dedication to learn something every day, positivity, humility, accepting rejection in the right spirit and working on my weaknesses, will make me a good model. Of course, I'm conscientious of diet and working out. But modelling and staying fit is not as easy as it seems — casting calls or outstation shows and shoots often crop up without notice! So, I've established a regime. I mostly eat boiled food and run for an hour if I am out of town and cannot hit the gym! From my own experience, I wish I could advise new models that there are no shortcuts to success; instead, aspire to master the craft if you are serious about it. Groom yourself, because modelling isn't as easy as it seems. It needs dedication and determination.''


Hamid Iqbal, it seems, is fairly content with his lot. With his career already geared towards the stratosphere, and various new ventures taking shape, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him on the catwalk. I wish him luck!