Indian Models

Studying Ghanshyam Singh's portfolio, the first thought that came to mind is that he's treading the path to the big league despite being an anti-thesis of the chocolate boy. Following a role in Bollywood film 'Singham Returns', he bagged an assortment of plum assignments with the highlight being a TVC for Skoda and walking for International Fashion Week Goa and Fashion Globe. In conversation with the finalist of Glam Icon.


''I've chosen this career because it's my passion and my soul. I feel what makes me a good model and actor is confidence, body language and a focussed vision of where I want to be. With this in mid, I'm working hard to improve myself. I'm a gym freak and love working out vigorously. It helps me to connect with mind, body, soul and alignment. Although all models say dieting is crucial to maintain a healthy, fit body, I firmly believe I'm not dieting, I'm changing my lifestyle.


I'm so passionate about what I do that I'm satisfied with modelling and acting as a long-term profession. But I do want to learn more about this industry and evolve. Every day and in every way I'm preparing myself to achieve my dream of becoming a supermodel some day. That will truly be a dream come true! And that is one of the reasons I've participated in Glam Icon — it is a great platform to showcase my talent and that's why I'm presenting the best of myself here. I'm confident my positive attitude and belief in myself is what made me finalist and may make me a winner tomorrow. Other than this pageant, I'm walking for Six Degrees — Lakme Fashion Week and participating in Mr. India.''