Indian Models

From Ghaziabad, Gaurav Sharma completed BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration and while working in a hotel he is also modeling and acting when he can. Today, he is a contestant in Rubaru Mr. India.


"I began modelling in 2016. Since I have done hotel management, I worked for a year in a hotel and two years in a restaurant before giving modeling a try. Sure, I could have established a stable career in hospitality but I chose to follow my passion for modeling. I am glad I had the courage to do that — my assignment was walking for JD Institute annual show in Delhi; I simply gave an audition and got selected.  The experience was epic and that I made up my mind that I would give my hundred per cent to become a supermodel one day! I am confident I have potential — modeling is not about a good face and fit body; a model must be a complete package with face, body and positive attitude, which I have.


About the pageant, Rubaru is a good growing organisation. I joined the modeling industry aspiring to represent my country and this pageant is the only opportunity for me to do so. I am working hard to win! I keep myself busy for internal and external grooming. I read good books to gain knowledge, I workout everyday. I analyse myself in the mirror to figure which part of me needs work. I follow a strict diet with less carbs, more protein. The challenges are to stay at home and focus on my goal instead of partying and binging on my favourite food.


I could be the chosen one because I feel I deserve it; I have brought myself up to that level to present myself as a potential winner of the pageant. I have worked very hard; I shave maintained a strict diet, worked out hard, improved my knowledge and given up partying and hanging out with friends which everyone does at this age! Winning the pageant will make a big difference to my life as its showbiz after all; if I win this title, I will get noticed by the correct people in the industry. It will kickstart my modeling career!! And it will give me a voice for social causes — it is important to make people understand that girls are not a burden or a plaything and take up the cause of the girl child."