Indian Models

In conversation with model and actor Gaurav Nautiyaal. 


"I was born and brought up in Ghaziabad although I hail from from Dehradun. I did my graduation in B.Tech from I.T.S. Engineering College, Greater Noida to complete my education though I always wanted to act. So without wasting any time, as soon as I completed graduation, I shifted base to Mumbai to pursue a career in modelling and acting.


I was an introvert before entering this profession but the one thing that makes me different from others is a never-die attitude. I have always wanted to choose something that would really challenge me. Not that we don't face challenges in other professions, but this is another level altogether. It all started with an audition for a short film. I got selected for a small role but it whetted the appetite and boosted my confidence. I started believing in myself. That is why I never pursued an alternate career to fall back on — I do not believe in falling back. Yes I do have my family business but I know I am capable of doing this! Being a good model and actor requires passion, dedication and hard work. You must know your positives and negatives. And you must bare what you are. It makes others understand you and what you are capable of and work gets easier. 


I have done work for Dunkin Donuts, Sony Pix, IPL Hotstar, Volkswagen Polo, a music video for Zee Music named 'Aawariyaan' and another for Mtv where the singer is Mika Singh and the video is on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Being an actor is something that really interests me so I trained in Swadesh Films Institute and hope to utilise what I learnt there in future projects. I am glad I entered this profession. Above all, it has taught me how to remain positive in the toughest of situations. Since it requires a lot of dedication it shows you your real potential. In this industry, we come from different cultures and societies, and here we are groomed and made aware of what is happening around us. We not only explore the world, we explore and perfect ourselves. For example, I follow a strict diet and I workout two hours a day, five days a week. I also do martial arts training. A word of advice for aspiring models from my own experience — remain focused and improve your skills. Skills are just like a knife; the sharper they are, the better they work. The only thing you must not do is get impatient. Patience is the first thing you need to survive in this industry. Just work on yourself and your time will definitely come!"