Indian Models

Hailing from Bhopal, Farhan Qureshi has stardust in his eyes and he is working hard on himself to potentially be Rubaru Mr India.


"I began modelling two years back. I have always been a fitness enthusiast and used to get a lot of compliments and suggestions to try modeling. So it was coincidence that I met designer Mumtaz Khan who offered me a show the following day. I was thrilled! Modelling is the gateway to the television and film industry. It gives us name, fame, happiness and satisfaction so I feel I have done the right thing by modelling as a career. I feel I am a good model today because I have a prominent jaw line and sharp cheek bones; I am sophisticated, have a positive attitude and lean body.


coming to the pageant, Rubaru Mr india is the only one which gives an invaluable opportunity to male models to represent our country in international pageants. I view the pageant as a sport or competition. I take it very seriously as the process requires hard work, dedication, passion, general knowledge, language and communication skills. So I am working on my body, my skin, my hair, my style and my communication skill to increase my level of confidence. I am also focusing on reading good books and making myself knowledgeable. Mr India is quite challenging but everything can be won with hard work and passion.


The title would definitely change a winners life because Mr India becomes a brand overnight. The world would know him by name. And while that is attractive it would give me the leverage I need to tackle social causes. You know, my mother is the person I love the most; she is my best supporter, she is the one who has given life to me. By saving the girl child, we can have such mothers in the future. If we dont save the girl child we wont have mothers, sisters and wives. And that would be the end of our next generation."