Indian Models

Dhruv Soni may be a 'newbie' but confidence, creativity and hard work will take him places. Meet the Jaipur based model.


''Who thinks of a career when passion hits you full force? Modelling for me is not just a medium to earn money, name and fame; it gives me happiness that I can live and breathe in clothes that takes years of thought process and creativity and a group of people to create!! And if I'm blessed with good height, looks and communication skills too, then why not let people know that we models are just not hangers but skin deep we are intelligent and beautiful too?! That said, as of now I'm a newbie and exploring this world!


What makes me think I have what it takes to be a good model? Have you seen a potter at work on his pottery or a poet writing a poem? That's how I see myself perfecting imperfections with every step. Like a director's actor, I'm a choreographers', designers' and lensmans' model. The more I learn from them, follow what they want from the look, the more I shine. And since I'm open to new ideas I think that makes me a good model!! That said, people feel we are blessed with great skin, hair and bodies but the fact is we grind every single day to look the way we do. I'm not a morning person but I try and take alternate days of fasted cardio which is great for your metabolism followed by a diet which is rich in protein, little carbs and fat. Yes fats don't make you fat if taken in limitation!! I don't deprive my body of any nutrient and yes I cheat on some days. Strength and functional training are also a part of my workout regime. I won't say I'm a saint who stays away from the tagged "bad" of society as I drink occasionally. Let's be real and not lie because fitness cannot be begged, borrowed or stolen but achieved by discipline, hard work and dedication — with a little cheating at times!


Speaking of work, I'm a newbie trying to make it big. Things just started rolling in with shows for JJ Valaya, Bibi Russell at Rajasthan Diwas; shoots for designer Rohit Kamra, and while doing all this, work took to me to the black and white ink world of DNA, Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar and Patrika too. I've recently done a shoot for an optical brand in Jaipur; the video is in process and soon to be broadcast all over cinemas, Internet etc. That said, I work hard. After all, where do you not need creativity? We need to play with our expressions and retain freshness with the way we walk and express ourselves on the catwalk too. Job satisfaction? Imagine a life where you get to wear beautiful designer clothes, with 100 eyes on the catwalk to just see you walk in the garment; the utmost satisfaction comes when the designers feel you did 500 per cent better than the mannequin. Looking ahead, I have two International offers, one in Europe and the second in Australia; if all goes well with the formalities, I will be heading for the experience of my lifetime. Apart from this, I've got some runway shows lined up in October and November!!''