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This Bengaluru beauty has scaled heights. Having specialised in History, Economics and Political Science before modeling reeled her in, Dharmishta Gowda is independent, intelligent and has a stellar portfolio including campaigns for Kalyan Silk, Chennai Silk, Kalaniketan, shoots, tvcs and shows for top designers.


''Honestly, I never planned to pursue modeling as a career! A beautiful friend in college encouraged me to participate in Femina Miss India — South and at he last moment I ended up taking part! When I came back to Bangalore after the pageant, a couple of good agencies approached me while I was still studying. I continued modeling simultaneously and since then there's no looking back! I feel my confidence, attitude, being comfortable in my skin and having my own style makes me a good model. While shooting, I’m calm; since I'm the only model on set I get all the attention from the crew and I enjoy that but while doing shows I enjoy the time I walk on the ramp!! That's the best feeling ever! I also get to meet a lot of friends there and we have way too much fun!


I'm content with the work I'm doing but I feel it's not enough; we can do so much more and recently I've started feeling that I'm running out of time. I don't have enough time to just be modeling because honestly I can't continue doing this forever. We all need to have Plan-B and I've started taking the initiative to start working towards that; there are a few things that I'm interested in doing, related to this industry and there are other interests which are not related at all. I believe in experiencing everything life has to offer; this world is so big and we have very little time. I want to make the most of it! Everyday we are learning so much and still there's so much to learn!


That said, I work on staying healthy! I love running but sadly I dealt with a small tear a couple of years ago so I can't run now. But I practice yoga and walk whenever I have time and try not to diet. In fact I eat everything possible as I don't believe in giving up food!! However I strike a balance! If I feel I've overeaten at lunch I try not to eat much at dinner!!!''


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