Indian Models

Hailing from Ahmadabad, Dharam Savlani worked hard to transform himself to the point where he could say, 'yes, I've got what it takes!!' In conversation with Starlife Mr. India 2019.


''I always aspired to be a fashion model, encouraged by compliments on my physique and my looks. I took it seriously when, at the age of twenty, I won Mr. Gujarat. buoyed by the success, I was sure there couldn't be a better career for me than modelling. I firmly believe that if you're focused — and most importantly — if you believe what you're doing is right, that is the correct career path for you! So I gave it my hundred per cent and bagged an assignment with Clean And Clear. It was a learning curve as it made me aware of where I stood and what would it take, to be successful. I knew then where I wanted to be.''


His self confidence and straightforwardness is admirable. ''As a model, I'm a complete package! My positive attitude has helped tremendously and, of course, the killer physique is icing on the cake! I workout two- three hours every day and never skip meals. I follow a low carb- low fat diet. Being a positive, optimistic person, I don't include the word 'rivalry' in my dictionary because it's a combination of hard work and luck that works in this profession. But, yeah, I've seen a few models falling into this negative trap. How do I deal with it? I answer them with my next project… and a wink! On a serious note, creativity is a must and a project only becomes unique when you think out of the box and add a creative element into the mix.''


Dharam navigated an obstacle course to live the dream. ''I feel great I chose modelling as a career. It's the choices you make in life that determine your destiny and I made the right decision, I believe. I am continuously working towards the perfect body, the perfect mindset. The highlight of my career is Starlife Mr. India. I was preparing for it since the past four years. I really wanted to participate after winning Mr Gujarat and I was living the dream since I was announced finalist… and won the pageant. It was not easy, trust me. My body has been trained tough! I worked hard to lose ten kg and transform my physique. When I was selected in the Ahmedabad auditions, I was a muscular guy weighing 88 kg. I knew this would get me nowhere so I started working out twice a day and maintained a calorie deficit diet. I used to practice walking and brushed my communication skill by using less slang and communicating clearly and calmly. This helped me a lot. Training was challenging. Focussing on diet, working out, grooming myself… and not on earnings; this worried my family. I hail from a middle class family, where dreaming itself is unreal. It was tough to convince my parents about what I was doing and why. Today, they are proud of me.''


And then he gets serious. ''From my experience, I would like to advice aspiring models that learning never stops! Learn each aspect of the profession and give it your best, with complete confidence. Hard work isn't an option; it's a necessity. Speaking of the pageant, a lot of people ask how winning this title has affected my career… If we are talking about a graph, it was static and linear before the title and then there was a dynamic change!! I hope things fall into place now. At the moment, I am working on myself to represent India in the International leg of the pageant.'' Yeah, he's on a roll!