Indian Models

Dalton Dsouza completed MBA in Marketing and Finance and is now a hotelier astride a modeling career in Goa. In conversation with Rubaru Mr India contestant.


"I began modelling when I met designer Wendell Rodricks through friends. He advised me to try it and that is where my modelling career kicked off. My first assignment was walking the ramp for him at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour. I was a bit jittery as the only experience I had prior to that was college fashion shows. A few of the senior models gave me tips for looking good on the ramp and it was all smooth sailing from there. However, this is not my primary career. I have always been a multi tasker. I own and run a few hotels in Goa and I also dabble with modelling assignments. Modelling has the perks of making you street smart and business savvy. What makes me a good model? I have a good body and photogenic face and I try to showcase the garment in a way that it gets maximum attention and is marketed well.


Speaking of Rubaru Mr India, ,a number of friends told me that I should participate in this pageant. I too feel that a model will never realise his true potential without participating in a pageant and decided to give it a shot. After all, it is one of the top male pageants in the country and has collaborations with International titles. Should I win this title, it would be a great experience to represent India on the international stage. I am working hard on myself. No matter how busy the work schedule is I make time for the gym to maintain a good fitness level. Apart from looking good I am also preparing for the question-answer and other rounds. I am quite confident I will do well. Apart from a lean body and chiseled face, I completed MBA from Goa Institute of Management and am a successful entrepreneur. So I have a strong edge over other contestants in all rounds.


If I win the title of Rubaru Mr India, I will get the opportunity to represent my country and that would be one of the proudest feelings. I would also like to use the fame to spread awareness of a cleaner India and women empowerment. Orthodox and regressive behaviour can be changed through a good education system. So I would request the government not only to focus on education for the next generations but also to impart knowledge to their parents through night schools and marketing campaigns. Over a period of time the gender bias will definitely fade."