Indian Models

'If you're a man of mystery, it really takes you far.

Everyone around you thinks that you're a star!'

I couldn't help recalling lyrics of 'Grease' when Daljit Sean Singh stormed the catwalk, campaigns and billboards — he was simply following his dream of completing 'unfinished business'. Today, in his forties, he reigns supreme as Fashion's sophisticate, with the power to win over a room with the slightest flicker of a smile. In conversation with him.


''It's something I always wanted to do and thought 'if I don't try all that will happen is, time will fly.' I don't want to live with regrets and the only regret would be not trying. So I decided to be a model and actor. It just fell into place I guess. The first time I appeared on a magazine was on the inaugural issue of 'First City'. And my first TVC happened quite by chance — Lintas was looking for a place to audition and somehow the team ended up in my basement… where I was asked to try out for the part; I said 'why not' and that was my first TVC back in '92.  After that I did two more and then took a break as life had other things to show and teach me. However, the desire to continue modelling stayed with me.


I never really thought of being a good model. I just thought of being me and enjoying doing what I love. The only thing I thought of, consciously, was to pass on the message that it's never too late to pursue your dream, your goals. And always enjoy the journey instead of focusing just on the outcome. I love savouring the satisfaction that I did my best and enjoyed myself. Also, I take my role seriously when I'm in front of the camera and respect the photographer, lighting and make up team and all associated with the project to bring out the best result. It starts with the mind: discipline and focus. And, to be honest, I guess I'm blessed with good genes! I was an active kid; a state level swimmer and gymnast. I took a break but in early 40s I decided to build a six pack. So I started with yoga and graduated to weights. Again, when I'm in the gym, I'm focused on the training. When you're doing something, give it your best; do it correct and don't waste time and effort — that is my motto! As far as diet is concerned I cut out soft beverages, eat meals before 7 p.m. and think positive! So, it all adds up!


Reminiscing on my journey, in the last two years, I have been blessed with quite a bit and learnt a hell of a lot. To name a few, I did campaigns with Roohafza, Fitness First. Ted Talks, BeardHood, to name a few. Walked for JJ Valaya, Shantanu Nikhil, Malini Ramani, Anju Modi, Kunal Rawal and The Hope Foundation. Did a few editorials with Paresh Lamba, Bonjour, Man Magazine, Harper's Bride, GQ, to name a few. And had the pleasure of cameos in Kill Dill, Omerta and Padmavati. At moment I'm doing a small role opposite Sanjay Dutt in an upcoming film! I feel blessed to be able to be do the film Torbaz by Girish Malik, a few campaigns and a music video by Rohit Shrivastava. Lastly, my business, Antim Yatra is one of my ways of giving back and finding inner peace. Another time, another story but in short it's a number 8800648482 for times of grief or celebration. We have a team that organises funeral arrangements, you one can moan in peace or have a choice of your own Farewell or that of loved ones.''