Indian Models

Candice Pinto's transformation from college graduate to fashion's darling is short of magical. She was a knockout when she entered the fashion industry in 2000 as Gladrags Megamodel India, the first Indian to be crowned Miss Tourism International, Malaysia and she's still bowling us over with her electrifying presence on the catwalk. In conversation with her while shooting for the digital edition of Lakme Fashion Week.


Her aristocratic look and quiet elegance sets her apart. Her sculptural beauty—long neck, charming smile and poker straight hair—makes her a natural! ''I love wearing something comfortable and stylish, always. It's all about styling and coordinating the outfits well'', she says. And she doesn't take it for granted. ''When I'm working back to back it's hard to train regularly; that's when your diet has to be balanced. I make sure I eat the right amount and at the right time. It's all about consistency.''


How are models handing the tumultuous economic climate, I ask? ''The economic climate has always been a cause for concern, but now since we are facing a pandemic without a vaccine, it's really hard to say where we're heading and what the future holds. We all believe in quality over quantity but I do see a lot of compromise when it comes to that; people don't practise what they preach'', she sighs. On that note, I ask what is the one thing she wished she could change about Fashion and she exclaims, ''If I had the power to change the fashion industry, oh boy, I would surely change a lot; people have lost the essence of what it takes to be in the fashion business!!''


These days, her schedule is packed to the brim, shooting for the digital edition of Lakme Fashion Week. ''Lakme Fashion Week has made a bold move by going Digital and I'm very impressed with the way IMG Reliance and St. Regis have gone out of their way to make sure we are all bubbled up and physical swab tests are done every 48 hours. A digital edition is very different from doing a live show. Digital shoots need a lot of time and patience but that said I can't wait to see the final results'', she grins.


On a parting note, I ask if she has advice for new models. ''I have always believed in trying my hand at different things be it advertising, music videos or hosting shows. If you're passionate about what you do then trying different things comes easily and naturally! It's about your mindset and how you tackle current issues and what's going on.'' And, that’s just who she is.