Indian Models

This Delhi boy undertook BTech and MBA which meant "a cream combination of netting a huge salary in India" before he switched tracks to modelling and acting. In conversation with Atul Verma.

"My friends always poked and prodded me to become a model because they thought I had what it takes! Compliments like "fabulous body.. great personality" worked and pretty soon excitement and confidence to take it on, built in me, just like a brewing thunderstorm. And here I am!! I quit my lucrative job — no regrets there as I was bored of the 9-5 shift and was getting lazy. After quitting the job I started working out to get myself back in shape and then undertook auditions for Gladrags Manhunt — I was among the top 10 contestants so yeah that was the turning point.

There has been no looking back since. Being a model and actor is most appealing; in every project, I live a different character. I challenge myself which is something that was missing in a 9-5 job. That is why I work really hard on myself. I never skip my workouts even if its late after a shoot or early in morning and avoid junk foods. I guess its paying off. I have done quite a few campaigns including Raymond and walked for Rahul Gupta but when I started getting calls for television serials I was more inclined towards acting and did big projects like Savdhaan India, Adaalat, Crime Parol, Bhagyalakshmi, Ashoka and Hanuman. Today people point out to me as the boy from television!! Yet, my biggest success is seeing the happiness in my parents eyes when they watch me on national TV! 

There are fun moments too!! One day, I was walking down a Metro station in Delhi and suddenly a girl started walking with me — she was staring at me suggestively and finally said "OMG You have such a nice body!!" I am a little shy so I mumbled "thank you" and got onto my train. Turned out, she was on the wrong platform. Ha!Ha! On a more serious note, modelling and acting is not fun and games! You must aspire to master the craft if you are serious about it. Aspiring models must get into shape, and learn the art of expressions and vocabulary, before stepping in. Also, beware of the wrong people who know nothing about this field and loot newcomers!!"