Indian Models

Delhi businessman Ashwani Neeraj aspires to represent his country through world pageantry. In conversation with the contestant of Rubaru Mister India.


''I was always into fitness. It's my passion, other than modeling. Ever since college days I used to love being in front of the camera. That's when I decided I to transform my passion into a profession. So here I am! My first assignment was in 2015 in Delhi, when summer was peaking. It was shot in Khan Market and it was an outdoor shoot for a famous clothing brand. I had to move in the lanes of Khan Market to get the best shot and it was crazy hot. I was doing topless shots and as well and pedestrians were complementing me… I was loving the attention!! I realised then that regardless of how it was, this was something I loved doing! And I do feel I have what it takes! A good model is not just about a good face, body or attitude but a combination of all of these accented with self confidence. A face, no matter how good looking, should smile. A body, with all its muscles, must do the right thing. An attitude of respect for all living beings and love for the country is essential. That's what makes a model contestant.


Speaking of the pageant, I respect all local pageants but a passion for the vision of Rubaru Mister India made me participate in this pageant. It did not happen overnight; I was confident that I wanted to be a part of it and worked towards building my profile. My passion led me here. Unlike most competitors, when I heard I'm selected for the pageant, I was not modeling or preparing for it. I was in Dubai working with a corporate. My body was not in the best shape either. I took it as a challenge and immediately began preparing for it alongside my current schedule. It was tough to manage but I couldn't say no because this was the opportunity to do something I love!!


I'm sure everyone out there has a lot of experience but I am here not just to compete with anyone else but with myself. My own fears. My own capabilities. My passion led me here and with my hard work and I'll conquer the world! Mr. India is not just a title but a mark that's left on one's soul for his lifetime. I really don't know how my future would look like after winning such a great title but one thing I'm sure about: I won't stop being myself and will continue to learn at each stage of my life. Be it any industry, any platform. I will also use the fame the title brings to create awareness about a cause I believe in — the girl child. It's important to educate our fellow country men to believe in equality. This is the life process. Killing the girl child is the beginning of the extinction of mankind.''