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This beauty holds the title 'Femina Miss Style Diva 2017 - West'. Her towering height and doe eyes caused a stir, and she worked hard to accentuate her gift, which gives us reason to believe Arshiya Khatri's career graph is ascending rapidly. In conversation.


''Modeling gives me a different kind of confidence and makes me feel on the top of this world, especially when there are tons of flashbulbs… I feel beautiful. Considering the not-so-long time we models have in the industry, I intend to make this time count. I feel I stand out — I'm US Size 2, I'm tall and I'm confident. I'm comfortable in my skin and I handle my work very professionally. That said, I'm an entrepreneur; I run a media management and temporary staffing agency.


My family isn't very supportive of my modeling career but they aren't against it either. I work hard to maintain myself, which is of utmost importance in this career, but I don't work out. I prefer running in the open, inhaling fresh air and doing yoga, as compared to working out in a gym. I eat whatever I wish to and that includes extra cheese on pizzas! Simply work it off!! God has been kind. I have not been modelling too long but I am proud to reveal that I was 'Femina Miss Style Diva - West' last year.


I've seen a lot of models trying to follow social conventions of beauty and they forget to focus on their uniqueness; they should stop doing that. I am excited to be walking for India Beach Fashion Week. The entire team is cool and professional; also, I love partying! And they make it happen every night after the shows!! This is my second season with them and I'd love to be a part of it many more times. See you there!''


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