Indian Models

Anuradha Sharma is a style icon. Her sculptural beauty—the long neck, the charming smile that wins your heart the moment you meet her and the long silken strands—was a revelation when she hit the scene. She is no stranger to Fashion. You would remember her from campaigns for Aircel and McDonald, the cover of India Today and scorching the ramp for Russian designer Valentino Yudaskin.


So who is the girl behind the glamorous facade? I know her as a fiercely loyal, independent, intelligent girl; a powerhouse talent that should not be restricted to the Indian Fashion map. But, hang on, let's here what she has to say! ''I did a few regular jobs and then modelling just happened out of the blue! I didn't plan on entering the industry. But once I began modelling, I loved it!! It gives me the freedom to choose my work, to travel worldwide and every day there are surprises! It's also a profession where I learn something new with each assignment I sign up for and that's great for personal and professional growth! So, yes, I get a lot of satisfaction from modelling but I'm also open to opportunities if something really interesting comes my way!''


On a serious note, she adds, ''If I were to share advice to aspiring models it would be — stay disciplined and don't lose focus.'' What do you feel makes you a good model, I ask? ''I honestly don't know'' is her humble response. That's just who she is. ''I'm giving it my hundred per cent! And I ensure I'm disciplined and focussed on my career. That is very important!'' How do you stay fit, I prod? ''I'm a yoga instructor; practicing yoga is a good way to stay fit! Focusing on breathing is a stress reliever. Besides, dancing is my favourite workout! I don't follow a diet though. I just eat healthy.''