Indian Models

The most beautiful psychologist or the smartest model? Hard to tell with Anjhula Mya Singh Bais — she puts the word 'super' in superwoman. A model with a doctorate in International psychology and a psychologist that has graced runways around the world,  the dusky Indian beauty called a top model by 'Vogue' is as comfortable on the runway as she is asking former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown questions on public private partnerships last month at the World Economic Forum Africa.


It's interesting which assignments Bais takes on in the fashion world. As finely curated as her royal lineage, this erstwhile elegant beauty balances editorial high fashion spreads, shooting for Chanel and posing for coffee table books on illustrious ladies with globe trotting humanitarian endeavours in the slums of Sierra Leone, South Africa and Sri Lanka. She pulls the mother of balancing acts with Columbia University and walking New York Fashion Week and now considers spending four days with His Holiness the Dalai Lama discussing the intersection of religion and psychology on his recent visit to Mumbai as she has been a practicing Nichiren Buddhist for over a decade.


Several seasons consecutive Bais walked at India Couture Week: the pinnacle of fashion weeks. "Its interesting: the experience of working abroad in fashion vs. here in India. The FDCI takes great care of their models. I have nothing but gratitude" she tells me. Bais can be found doing psycho-social work in the Dharavi Slum when not shooting and like Angelina Jolie; she travels to some of the most impoverished and post war areas in the world to do work on issues like female circumcision in Zambia and with genocide victims in Rwanda. Jolie addressed the UN on peace and reconciliation and recently Bais at the behest of the United Nations addressed the World Conference on Youth 2014 on the role of art culture and education in reconciliation and empowerment. Bais becomes the face of a couture line and will be seen on the big screen playing herself as a psychologist and a royal… adding a much needed intellectual quotient to the business of glam.