Indian Models

I've often observed his high-wattage personality in campaigns and wondered about his story. Former cricketer Anand Dixit is doing stellar fashion editorials and making his presence felt on the catwalk. A polite, focussed young man, here's what he says on life as an Indian male model.


''Modeling wasn't a pre- determined career. Many of my friends continually suggested, that with my looks, charm and appeal, I had potential to carve a niche in this profession. I was hesitant as I always thought of myself as a regular guy and moreover I had never considered modeling as a career for boys. I was a cricketer at that point of time but due to a personal injury I had to give up the sport. That is when I decided to take the plunge and give modeling a shot instead of a boring 9 to 5 job'' he reminisces.


''Now that I am working hard and serious about this profession, I workout five days a week. I don't do too much weight training. I mostly do circuit training. And I eat healthy food like greens and protein and always avoid oily stuff. I am a vegetarian since three years and trust me it is a myth that vegetarians cannot have a good body. My body is completely dependent on vegetable protein and milk products!'' If the gaze he casts on camera is cool, his infectious smile is as winsome as they come. So is it a wonder that he is bagging the most prestigious projects? ''Working with Sabyasachi is the most memorable project I have done till date. He is extremely selective and very few male models have had the opportunity to be part of his campaigns'' he reveals.


Then he gets serious. ''This profession needs to be streamlined. There is lack of individuality! Agencies too need to make a serious commitment to models they sign up to provide them regular work.'' Anand Dixit is keen to explore options in related fields and add feathers to his lucrative cap. ''The best advice I have received from a few renowned designers is to polish my acting skills and try to get a foothold in Bollywood. In fact, I have a few eminent campaigns lined up but at the moment I do not have the liberty to talk about them.'' I wish him luck.