Indian Models

''I was attracted to modelling since a very young age!! I have been a commercial face since the age of sixteen and since then I have enjoyed modelling'' says the drop-dead stunning Amanpreet. In conversation!


''I've always followed supermodels; one of my favourite is South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel. I grew up watching her and honestly that's what attracted me to this profession. Modelling is something I love doing, be it a ramp show or posing in front of the camera. It gives me pure satisfaction. I am also a student of software engineering. Plan B is always important and mine is related to computer technology!


I am glad that my parents have always supported; me infact, after Miss Universe India they've been more supportive! And they loved my work in commercials like Nescafe, Chingz and Maruti Suzuki. I would be travelling a lot in December for a concert hoarding shoot. Can't wait! Being nineteen and getting interviewed by magazines like lifestyle, I have a goal each time I step out of my house. I have a plan and I put in everything to achieve it. I dont have a strict fitness regime and diet! For me, it's always been eating in good, healthy proportions. For workout, I do functional training.''