Indian Models

I met model and actor Aditya Singh Rajput years back through common friends. At that time he was just starting out. Pretty soon I saw him in commercials and on billboards all over the nation—he knew instinctively how to get into the skin of characters he played and his powerhouse talent stunned me. I'm more used to it now though having seen him in 200-odd campaigns including Close Up and Lava Mobiles, Coke with Aamir Khan and Hero Honda with Hrithik Roshan, Dish TV with Shahrukh Khan and TVS… the list goes on. He's that good!


As an actor Aditya plays intense characters. 'I'm fortunate that creative professionals pick me for performance based roles and I immerse myself in it. I would have never thought I could play an autistic boy onscreen what with hailing from a fashion lifestyle. Recently I essayed an emotionally complexed role for Bindaas TV. You know what's interesting? People have started referring to me as the male version of Kangana Ranaut as she is the one actor who goes from hi-fashion to getting into the skin of an intense character. I totally love her and this comparison!' Today Addy (as he's known) is gearing up for two films which he's tightlipped about. But he's excited about an upcoming release with Rannvijay titled '3:AM'. The paranormal film is slated to release this month. 'I bagged this film on Twitter by interacting with director Vishal Mahadkar though it was formalised after I auditioned for it with casting director Ashutosh and was chosen from hundreds of actors that include big names from the television industry. In this film I play college jock Arjun. Playing a bratty role excites me as I'm a rebel in life. On TV I play emotionally unstable and psyched up roles which I love but playing a brat is me. Totally me!! I love playing varied roles because as an actor as it gives me freedom to explore a range of emotions. I have worked real hard towards it.'


Addy. A crazy party animal when he removes the greasepaint. 'Yeah I love partying. It's refreshing! As an actor.. life gets hectic and being in my 20's this is the time to work hard and party harder!' What can I say? His mischievous grin reveals all you need to know about him.