Indian Models

From Chattishgarh, Aditi Tiwari grew up in a Brahman family, where she worked with her father in his news channel. ''My family is conservative; it was me who was outgoing and learnt to sing and dance on my own initiative, even as a child. We moved around a lot for my younger brother's treatments because he's handicapped and I witnessed life in different cities. I lived in Chennai for three years and Delhi for a year before being based in Hyderabad and traveling back and forth to Bombay.


My interest in Fashion trumped all other choices. I love dressing up. I get super excited for fashion weeks and it gives me a weird inner peace being dolled up in different designers' creations. I feel complete when I'm walking on the ramp; it's a special feeling. Initially my family had no knowledge that I wanted to become a model. I always practiced posing and walking in my room and when I finally revealed that modelling was going to be my career, they were surprisingly supportive and helpful at every step. As a model, my confidence sets me apart I'm comfortable in any look. I understand rhythm when I’m walking because of my experience as a dancer. And my expression is also something I've worked hard to achieve. Although I work hard to maintain myself, I have no set diet. I try to eat every two hours and have small meals like cereals, boiled veggies, sausages, juices, green tea and black coffee. I get up early and have hot water with lemon and honey. When I know the food is healthy I eat like an animal but when it's something that tastes good and is greasy I try to control. I'm a dancer so my workouts are mostly dance-based and I like to run in the mornings.


My most memorable shows were the last season of India Beach Fashion Week, Intimasia, and ICICI Global Awards where I performed for Priyanka Chopra. Being featured on the cover of 'Tulip' is a highlight. Walking for Rocky S, Vikram Phadnis and Swapnil Shinde was great because of their unique styles. Ken Ferns and Jayesh Maini were a pleasure to walk for! I have also acted in Haider Khan's video which was one my first forays into acting. Modeling is only one of my passions. I would ideally love to get into films. I also want to explore my passion for singing and dancing further. I have the confidence it takes to make modeling work for as long as possible but in some strange case things go south I’m a dancer and singer so that would be where I see myself and my career focus going…''