Indian Models

Strolling down MG Road in Bangalore, Acquin Pais bumped into industry expert Prasad Bidapa and the rest is fashion history. As work begun filtering in, Pais bagged a stellar campaign with Spykar Jeans and for the next few years he appeared in editorials, campaigns and walked the runways of Dolce Gabbana, Etro, Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren in Milan. With lucrative work from Europe, he shifted to London for four years. 


"It was a good move. I got paid several times more than I would have been paid here in India for similar projects! I am glad I had the courage to leave my safety zone," he explains. "Although it is quite tough to get assignments overseas, I walked at London Fashion Week for Jill Sanders and Etro. It is not all fun and games though! In London, I worked as a computer analyst in a French firm to sustain my lifestyle! I am doing well in India now so it is not essential to take up a job and as for my future plans I have given myself a deadline of a year and then I am going to switch tracks to a secure profession like event management. Or I could move to London again to study photography; there are so many options!"