Indian Models

Aasma Quereshi chose modelling as a profession — against all odds. Meet the courageous young girl who followed the dream.


''I studied till the tenth standard in school and then I was mainly home due to some family problems. Since childhood I was attracted towards modelling. I used to admire the glamorous banners I used to see on the streets every day and I began visualising myself in those banners. I used to admire myself in those banners. Sadly, my family was not supportive of my decision to pursue modelling and I faced many problems at home when I entered the industry. I have gone against my family to follow my heart…


Today, I am glad my career is ding well. My hard work, my patience, the problems I went through… all of it combined to kept me grounded and motivated. i work hard to keep myself fit. I go for brisk walks and jogging to maintain my fitness levels. The most memorable show I have done is India's Next Top Model. it is memorable in many ways — I overcame my shyness when wearing a bikini and I conquered my fear of water. Thats' what makes it a memorable experience. Modelling is my career, my passion, because it has taught me how to deal with the world, how to be strong. But if I get an opportunity, I would love to try acting!''