Indian Designers

To say that Rimzim Dadu marches to her own drummer is an understatement. She's been called futurist, couturier, sculptor and artist. She says she's just a designer. A designer who is acclaimed for using traditional and unorthodox materials with handcraft techniques, deconstruction​ and re-engineering​. A designer who reinvented the ancient technique of cord work by threading silk with nylon coated steel wires, silicone, metal, acrylic and paper to handcraft saris, cocktail dresses, draped tops, menswear and accessories with matte sheen. In short, fusing science and fashion design to create retail- friendly statement looks.


Re-engineered textiles using cord work and constant experimentation is the base of all collections. Under her baton, steel becomes soft and malleable and chiffon is structured! One of Dadu's challenging projects was 'Fracture' at Devi Art Foundation, an exhibit showcasing the works of modern textile artists. Here, she designed a Jamdani sari by disintegrating silicon sheets into cords and then weaving those silicon cords to handcraft a sari. Weaving silicon was daunting and the design team created special looms and trained artisans for the project that spanned over two years. Another milestone that comes to mind is the leather Patola dress — her interpretation of the traditional weaving technique where each leather cord is carefully woven to create a contemporary look!

— Jasmeen Dugal