Indian Designers

Pawan Sachdeva has a global sensibility—modern and wearable. While his focus is cut and color he has brought workmanship of couture to traditional Indian menswear. 


''Every person is blessed with a different form of creativity and for me it was fashion. I believe I have a gift of design. Even though I was involved in sports (national volley player) my inclination towards fashion was always there. I was fond of dressing well and designed my own look. I even had a tailor who stitched clothes only for me! Soon I realized I had to get into it full time and undertook formal education at NIFT. There's been no looking back since.’'


The retail experience at 'Pawan Sachdeva' was ahead of its time, encouraging people towards designerwear. ''When I started designing, fashion was restricted to an elite few: those who had buying power and loved experimenting. I wanted to change this mindset and focused on wearability and affordability while designing. I also wanted to change the attitude of Indian men towards fashion and encourage them to experiment with colours and cuts.’'


When some design their imagination runs wild while others think of the end product and sales. ''I strongly believe if a designer's imagination stops being wild he will never be able to create a distinct collection. However taming that imagination and creating a wearable collection is what I do because at the end of the day if there are no takers.. its no use. When I design garments I focus on creating new styles and silhouettes, which is a great way to convey drama and emotion. My silhouettes depict my imagination which I then distill to suit each individual's personality.’'


Though Pawan Sachdeva is renowned for his devotion to technique he applauds young designers who deal with 'fast fashion'. ''I love budding designers! Fast Fashion is just like Fast Food i.e. quick to cook and tasty. They are very much in fashion but easy to chuck out. I feel young designers must have a base to whatever they design so they are on track. In fact I am very optimistic as I see potential in the next generation. Moreover increased awareness and purchasing power of the Indian consumer is going to fuel the Indian fashion industry so it's expected to bring in some of the finest fashion over the next few years.


Now that the couturier has carved a niche in the Indian market he is marketing his brand in the International fashion landscape including emergent markets. ''Fashion is much more advanced and appreciated in the West. I did not encounter any challenges marketing my brand internationally as I am very particular about the quality of each of my garments. Besides the language on Fashion has no boundaries. Emerging markets have added more avenues for us to market our brand.  Today my brand is available in the UK, US and UAE and I'm working on entering the emerging markets.'' That's not all. Pawan is shortly launching a line of shoes. ''My men's shoe line will complement my clothes and complete the look. The shoes are going to be distinct and customised and will fill the void of a designer shoe label in the market. Of course it will add value to my business and give my loyal clients the satisfaction of standing out in the crowd.’'


What is his view of the fashion press including mushrooming bloggers, I asked? ''Press has always been very important in promoting fashion and creating the much-needed awareness and brand building for designers and the fashion industry. The advent of online media has been a boon for the fashion industry. Its tremendous reach has helped it to flourish more. Since social media is very active since the past few years bloggers have become active in the area of fashion. Micro-blogging has also marked its presence. This has undoubtedly changed the scenario for the fashion industry.’'


As we ended the conversation I couldn't help throwing him a standard question.. who was his muse? ''I am my muse! I started designing for myself and till date whatever I design I try it on myself first.  For my womenswear line my muse is a confident woman who carries attitude in her sleeves.'' Amen.