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With a presence in eight countries, Kiran Uttam Ghosh is a designer who defies categorization. Her clothes are understated with silhouettes and characteristic textures that refuse to be bracketed by terms such as Eastern or Western. A professional fashion degree and training with British designer Jasper Conran inculcated in her the attention to detail that is so much a part of her work today. Her label goes beyond just a pragmatic prêt while her couture line embodies a timeless classic appeal whether it is the sari that she has given new dimensions to or her outfits.

Her clientele has reason to rejoice. There is more to love about the Kolkata-based designer now that she has unveiled her debut accessories line that has been designed with the same subtlety and meticulous care the brand is celebrated for. ''It's a line born from my need for inspired gifts that I could never find be it T-shirts that are conversation pieces, wrap tops, simple layered jersey dresses, pleated saris or a line of accessories like clutch bags, laptop cases, IPad covers and shawls. This line of accessories evolved because I believe fashion cannot be the prerogative of the privileged alone. That will only corridor its impact. Its destiny needs to be more democratic. Its impact needs to be more universal.  Its aspiration must be to be more accessible. This line of accessories are a fine way for fashion to reach beyond the privileged to those who like my sense of style but may not be looking for clothes at that point of time. This line may seem to be one of accessories on the face of it but deep within it is about access. It is also a line born from my need for style additions to our wardrobe that doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg'', explains Kiran. Amen.

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