Indian Designers

Anupama Dayal is a romantic but she doesn't wear rose-colored glasses. The charming designer parlayed the success of her label since 2004 into a career as the nation's sought-after resort designer. In fact, she has done the near-impossible by achieving niche market domination as well as global recognition: Vogue UK described one of her collections as 'easily the prettiest' and she was declared 'London's new best friend'. With a focus on jewel-tone fabrics, modern take on classic silhouettes and revival of ancient hand printing and needle- craft techniques, Dayal's designs are pure bohemian glamour steeped in Indian handcraft.


Today, she is proud owner of 'Anupamaa Haveli', flagship in the Capital and e-commerce portal which resonate her belief "to go global, we must become more and more local." And the label is doing brisk business in The US, Europe, Middle East, South East and Australia and all stores of Anthropologie. Recently she donned a new creative hat by diversifying into accessories, jewellery, home furnishing and designing hotel interiors. Her passion shines through as she explains, "How difficult is it juggle different hats?! It's a joy for those of us in creative professions… an adrenaline rush; creativity floods you with happiness. I feel blessed to have this and I honestly feel I'm only on the tip of the iceberg because we only use a fraction of the creativity we are all blessed with!"


Her newest business Anupama Mangar — a resort in Mangar, Faridabad — pampers guests with hospitable management and stylish interiors done by Anupama herself; each room is inspired by Anupama's collections with windows overlooking natural topography and rugged walls framed with photographs of her Fashion milestones. Its location off the beaten track makes it an ideal weekend getaway for those who wish to embrace lush greenery, local cuisine and unwind with walks in the forest or read a bestseller on a hammock!!


PS The designer’s passion for the craft is underlined with social goals — empowerment of craftspeople, artisans and underprivileged women.