Indian Designers

When Anju Modi debuted her collection in 1990, fashion editors declared her a success. Since then Modi has been a force in the increase in growth, awareness and potential of fashion in India. Today she is founding member of the Fashion Design Council of India and presides over the Budget Committee of the Council. Her illustrious journey has attracted a strong clientele across the US, UK, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East with Indian regulars including Shabana Aazmi, Katrina Kaif, Koel Poorie, Sonal Mansingh, Bina Modi and Sharmila Dalmia. 

Her research and development work in villages and their craft include blending fabrics in Varanasi and weaving in real zari [1990 to 1994], developing colourways and designs in Venkatgiri-Andhra Pradesh [1992 to 1994], re-interpreting 'Bandhani' in a modern style by giving it geometrical patterns and neutral colourways in Kutch [1993 to 1995], developing Kota fabrics, Bagru and Sanga-neri prints in Rajasthan to produce reversible jackets, pajamas and blouses [1995 to 1997], modernizing Chanderi village weaving and patterns and currently developing the Lurex yarn weaving in silk chanderi fabric [2000 to 2001], and developing 'boiled' wool and woolen knits to design 'angarakha coats'. All these years of designing in village sectors has improved the economic situation of the craftsmen and weavers.

Modi hasn't lost momentum and an easy glamour infiltrates her designs. She spearheads The Wedding Concept and Design Co that is a one-stop shop for all wedding solutions. In 2006 she was one of only four Indian designers selected for Heyers Fashion Festival in Paris organized by the Chambre Syndicale that also organizers Paris Fashion Week. In the same year, she was invited to present her collection at the Miami Fashion Week. In 2009, she was requested by the Department of Tourism to showcase at India Calling in Los Angeles. 

— Explosive Fashion
Photographs — Silver Monkey