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Half a century after her cherry pout, lush lashes and dewy skin graced the big screen, no one can quite make flashbulbs pop as the grande dame of Indian cinema Rekha, which anybody who has witnessed her supremacy at the awards, can attest. She shares her beauty arsenal!


"Being an actress requires me to look good and be fit. There's no easy way out. The day I realized my body is the temple of my existence, I valued the benefits of a nutritious diet and regular workout. Yoga and meditation has kept me fit," Rekha had told me during an awards function. "One must be disciplined. Lay out your rules and live by it! Eat at proper hours and get adequate sleep. It's not only about what you eat, but also how you eat including its presentation and the portion! Why do you feel the need to drink copious amounts of alcohol? Is it worth the puffy bloodshot eyes that make you look years older? I drink eight glasses of water instead, pass up fried food and finish dinner before 7:30 p.m. I am no authority on beauty tips but I can tell you what works for me! I whip up a hair pack pack of curd, eggs and honey before shampoo and also massage hair with coconut oil few times a week. Call me old fashioned but I feel great when I am looked up to as a beauty icon at this age!"


Before I bid her adieu, she adds: "That was the physical aspect of beauty. Positive aura is the key to inner beauty. Preserve the positive energy inside you and this will in turn repel negative influence. Be honest and compassionate. The more you practice this attitude… the more it becomes a part of you. it is also important to sleep in a comfortable, peaceful environment. Last, but not the least, pray with your soul before retiring to bed." Reminiscing back to our brief encounter I too attest she is arguably the most enchanting woman in Bollywood.


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