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Before she was crowned Miss India Universe 2002, Neha Dhupia was just another pretty face. But ask any film scout and they would agree: a face and frame like that {sculpted face, silken strands and tanned curves} belongs in front of the camera. Her choice of bold films like "Julie" and "Sheesha" christened her "The Body" though she proved her talent in "Ek Chalis Ki Last Local".


She was disarming when we requested her to reveal some of her beauty and fitness tips. "My skincare regime is simple. I keep skin clean and hydrated. While shooting, I have to endure make-up and harsh lights so I'm particular about taking make-up off as soon as I'm done. Baby oil works wonders for removing make-up and is beneficial for skin," she smiles and then adds: "I wish more girls would realise the value of homemade face packs. I use a mix of Fullers Earth with honey and lemon for cleansing and toning skin! You should see the immediate difference!" 


"It is important to take care of diet! What we eat shows on our face and body so it is important to eat healthy! Once I realized this, I changed my diet and focused on working out four-five times a week. It made a real difference! Other must-dos are sipping water through the day to stay hydrated. In fact, I start my day with a litre of water followed by a tall glass of water with lemon juice and honey. Alternate fruit juice with vegetable juice. Its fine to binge at times though the only time I binge is when mom makes pasta! I advice consulting a doctor to chart a diet plan as each one of us has a different constitution and what benefits one may not be good for the other. Never blindly follow a diet," is her parting gem of beauty wisdom.


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