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A graduate in Industrial Design Textiles from NID with a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education at Nottingham Trent University, Nien Siao, HOD-Fashion Design, Pearl Academy of Fashion has been specializing in fashion fabrics and home fashion for seven years before considering academics. In a tete-a-tete with Jasmeen Dugal, she shares her perception of fashion students today.

Young people these days are not only creative but much more aware of all the aspects of fashion, primarily because of the Internet. This medium helps them in gaining knowledge and hence exploring it in a variety of directions and avenues. Fashion students are armed with the power and speed to make choices today. The Internet boom has also fueled a proliferation of Fashion marketing trends and blogging as an emerging phenomenon in the industry. It has also made it possible for designers to market collections directly to their consumers.

Students are very ambitious these days. The market is opening up and providing opportunities to everyone. Now it depends on the people who can perceive this and grab the opportunities available to them. The trend these days varies from costume designer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, technical designer, graphic designer, production pattern maker, fashion coordinator, apparel production manager, fabric buyer, fabric quality control manager, showroom sales representative, illustrator, cutting assistant or outside sales representative in the industry. A large number of students these days are aspiring to be entrepreneurs and form their own companies. It is not easy an to navigate this problem, the general trend among fashion graduates is to work with established designers and get some hands-on experience before launching their own label. We have some examples from the academy like Gaurav and Ritika, Manish Gupta, Harangad Singh, Abdul Haldar and Atithi Gupta, to name a few.  

If I were to pick the top three graduating collections this year, it would be Yadvi Aggarwal, Juhi Malhotra and Siddharth Minocha. Yadvi's collection showed a reflection of the merged personalities of Paris and the designer. It was an amalgamation of sustainable vintage cotton fabrics handcrafted by the designer imparting vivid impressions of Paris using the block printing technique. Denims and contemporary silhouettes imparted a young, funky and casual look. Juhi's collection depicted the life of a traveler, something that she has always identified with and dreamt of expressing through this collection titled Wanderlust, which is devoted to free-spirited women. There was an element of novelty in each ensemble and yet they were synonymous with the life of a traveler. It was an ode to the kaleidoscope of regional cross-cultures, provincial flavors, exotic sights and colors and the places we read of or stories we hear. Siddharth Minocha's collection was eclectic and he wittily used elements of sharp and edgy style. The collection holds three strong elements: geometric, right-angled embroidery [phulkari] and Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton fabrics, created with a process that aimed at reducing the carbon footprint. The silhouettes were modified version of menswear in an indigo and off-white color palette.

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09-SEPTEMBER-2011 Etta
Wow! Great tihknnig! JK
17-JUNE-2011 rohini das
Very well said ma'am. it is admirable that you carved some time from our busy schedule to educate and inform fashion students.
15-JUNE-2011 Sidhant Minocha
very inspiring :) thank you ma'am for all the learning through all these years :) * thanks a ton Jasmeen for this blog post :)
15-JUNE-2011 Nandita Sen
WOO HOO when do we see u on fashion week ramps?
14-JUNE-2011 manisha sood
Thanks ma'am
14-JUNE-2011 Payal Jaikishan
Thank you ma'am for sharing your wisdom with us. It sometimes very confusing for us how to embark on a career and especially which field to specialize in but your words are inspiring. It requires me to re-frame my attitude!!
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