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Is the summer heat getting you down and out by evening? Rejuvenate yourself with one of our favorite sunny season cocktails! Just combine 20ml Cointreau with 40ml Gin and 10ml lemon juice. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass... light and refreshing is what you will get!

White Lady
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26-APRIL-2012 India Cointreau
@Prerna Glad you're enjoying the Cointreau cocktails! We'll be more than happy to invite you for our workshops. Please drop in an email to us at remy_india@remyasia.com and we shall get in touch with you regarding info on the same. In the meanwhile, please follow us @IndiaCointreau on twitter to get more Cointreauversial updates @Pinky Great that you'd like to try the Cointreau cocktails. Let us know you're coordinates and contact details on remy_india@remyasia.com and we shall assist you where all you can find the bottle of Cointreauversies! You can also follow us @IndiaCointreau on twitter.
26-APRIL-2012 Prerna Nath
You should hold workshops at key clubs and high-end bars for bartenders to learn some of these recipes. I have been following the blog and it sounds real cool.
26-APRIL-2012 Pinky Reddy
I may sound ignorant but is Cointreau available at most liquor stores. I might like to try the recipes if the bottles are affordable :)
25-APRIL-2012 India Cointreau
@Namita Sounds Interesting. Tell us how it works out too! You can follow us at @IndiaCointreau on twitter as well to get some more crazy Cointreau Cocktail ideas. @Kalpana You can for sure customize it as per your desires, aye! Get more of our Cointreauversial cocktails on twitter. Follow us @IndiaCointreau @Mahesh The name for the Cointreau cocktail “White Lady” is believed to be inspired from the names of royal maidens, or better still news stories, fancy ones taken from the network of women spies active during World War I! .. Just so you know, there’s more to this story. Keep looking at this space for more interesting cocktail stories! Follow us @IndiaCointreau on twitter for some more action.
25-APRIL-2012 Namita
Sounds good. I like my cocktails tangy. Would a blend of shredded green chilli or tabasco work?
25-APRIL-2012 Kalpana Nair
Jasmeen, I have had 'White Lady' in New York and agree it is a refreshing cocktail but there they add egg white into the mix... I guess that doesn't gel with India?
25-APRIL-2012 mahesh dattani
It looks more like "sunshine lady" ... what's behind the name?
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