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Just this morning I saw a scarlet lips-shaped clutch, interestingly called “Loud Wishes”, from a new, brilliant design collective: 11.11 by CellDSGN.

I have two things to say:
1. I loved it instantly!
2. I couldn’t help but think of the iconic Lips clutches by Lulu Guinness that are available in multiple gorgeous styles!
Though 11.11 Loud Wishes clutch looks soft and voluptuous, I wonder if it’s available in more colors and textures? Hmmm… think I’ll have to go over to their store to find out more... who wants to come with me?

11.11 by CellDSGN
11.11 by CellDSGN
iconic Lips clutches by Lulu Guinness
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07-NOVEMBER-2011 Mandira
03-NOVEMBER-2011 sanjay sinha
nice celebration
02-NOVEMBER-2011 Prerna Nath
It reminds me of the MAD MEN iconic quote: a basketfull of kisses"
02-NOVEMBER-2011 Loveleen
I bought a red metallic snakeskin Lips Clutch from Lulu Guinness in the UK!!!!!!!
02-NOVEMBER-2011 Mrinalini Bose
Is this CellDsign's new line?
02-NOVEMBER-2011 Amara H
Nice new blog <3 <3 Love the clutch!!!!
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