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I have not been personally associated with "Treasure" before this showing. My mentor—Arpana Sharma Mojaria—who introduced me to the world of fashion at 16 is associated with the charity and my colleagues (models, make-up and backstage team) and I felt strongly for the cause. So there we were..!

"Treasure" is a non-profit organization in Switzerland and its aim is to promote and support children's primary education and health in developing countries and in regions affected by war, natural disasters and diseases. All members' work as volunteers and the charity is something we do outside of our normal lives and careers. Every cent raised goes directly to help the children. It is of utmost importance to give kids a good basic education. We do not want to change their family lives nor their social surroundings, but give them the equal rights to education and the opportunity to live peacefully and respectfully in this world.

It was a pleasure working with designer Narender Kumar Ahmed and Swiss as his sponsors. It was definitely challenging! I felt that as an Indian on foreign soil, I had to display my skills at this world forum and the pressure was immense. With seven French models to explain cues and choreography to, and light and technical directors who work with the most sought-after fashion and design labels like Gucci and Chanel, and light director Timothy who knew French and broken English… it was a tough one but we scored!! 

My producer Arpana [former Femina Miss India] took to the first cue and all the girls after ten years of staying away from the Indian fashion industry. The experience was like a fish takes to water… she knew eveyone's music and choreography cues backwards! Feroze Gujral was there to support my performance and infuse strength in me. On a creative note, the show was a good one and everyone loved it. This was very different from the others technically and creatively, as we had to create the "sounds of Mumbai". This was a concept borne from Narender Kumar into reality in Geneva but it was a lot of fun! 

Milan Mojaria, Owner and Director of MSM Investment Advisors SA, was our second sponsor and our host. We would have not been in Geneva for the show if he had not stepped in to produce the show and guide us on every essential aspect. A part of the sales of the ensembles went to the charity: Treasure. We played an audiovisual of the NGO and their intention of arousing interest, awareness and funds for the village Pomgoan in Maharashtra… and you know what? By the end of the showing, all Indians began speaking French :) Now we can give someone here a crash course:) Moreover, meeting the queen/ princess of Geneva was fun!

Under-priveleged children in a classroom
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21-MARCH-2012 mahjong
It's not my first time paying a quick visit to this website. I amvisiti this portal dailly and take information from here too.
02-MAY-2011 Brijesh Hari
awesome stuff
22-APRIL-2011 Shy Shy ;)
love the models ,,,, next time i'll assist u for such a noble cause ::: ))
13-APRIL-2011 Asmita T
Congratulations to Treasure for contributing to a very noble cause and to you Shy for putting up such an amazing show at an international level!! Wish you many more such shows :) Asmi
12-APRIL-2011 Milena Raskovic
We had a great experience. Thank you for all your support Shy, it was a pleasure working with you in Geneva. Hope we do more shows together in the future.
12-APRIL-2011 niel
Congratulations Shy ! Your Karma is sorted lol Keep up the Good cause .... hugs xxx
11-APRIL-2011 Jasmeen Dugal
11-APRIL-2011 Raghav
What lovely pictures.. and I'm sure you had a blast.. it's always good to hear of Indians doing something so worthwhile overseas... keep our flag flying high Shy :)
10-APRIL-2011 Payal jaikishan
A very noble gesture indeed
07-APRIL-2011 paromita amadhe
A Switzerland-based NGO is doing so much to awake interest, awareness and funds for a village in Maharashtra... and we living in Mumbai do not have a clue about it? How should we spread awareness?
07-APRIL-2011 Abhishek Anand
interesting experience, Shy! You must have a wealth of experiences!!! Tell us some more about the princess of Geneva?
07-APRIL-2011 leena suri
You have such a rich life, Shyamlee... indulging your passion for the creative arts... helping others across the globe... I admire you
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