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Exposure to International events is a very subjective issue for designers... whether one should go International or cater to the local market. It all depends on how and where you want your label to grow.

However for the Indian fashion industry to get recognized as serious business it's important that Indian designers showcase their collections in International events and it is heartening to see that today there are many who are showing their collections worldwide. We are already getting at it! But there is room for improvement. There are issues that need to be addressed when it comes to our fashion industry as a whole. For instance, there is less symbiosis within the textile and fashion community. In Italy most of the textile suppliers give birth to trends in colors and innovation in fabrics. They sponsor their fabrics and textures to Italian designers and that eventually sets trends. The British Fashion Council ties up with major fashion events during Paris Fashion Week and other fashion weeks worldwide and welcomes local designers to participate in these events at discounted prices so that most (British) designers can compete with their International counterparts without having to bleed. There are also many manufacturers in Europe who work for designers and maintain utmost standards of quality even when production runs are small. We do not have such manufacturers... instead we have garment exporters who work for foreign labels!! Such advantages are key drivers for the growth of the fashion industry overseas. 
But before we participate in such major events, we need to improve our backward integration that implies that the quality standards have to be improved by leaps and bounds. India has a great talent pool but lacks expertise in making apparels using cutting-edge technology. We designers are creative people but we should embrace technology and we should make products that last longer and should be in the forefront of the fashion and garment industry. Our country takes little pride in our handloom fabrics but are they fit for International markets where fabrics count and warp and weft matters.
Coming back to me... there are lots of projects I am working on and many are in the pipeline! I am showing show my bridal and couture collection crafted from luxurious duchesse satins, crepe de chines and moussolines at Kuwait Fashion Showcase from 14-16 May. Do stay updated by visiting my website www.amitgt.in (in launch mode). I am also working on some real estate projects that I will disclose later!
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12-MAY-2012 Ria Mehrotra
There is no doubt that the perception of Indian fashion overseas is that it is brimming with talent. But its creativity has to be channelled in the right direction for India ti become Fashion Capital in the near future.
12-MAY-2012 Shonali Kapur
lovely gowns!! I'm an interiors designer and I agree that we must redefine the way fashion is presented to Indian consumers and how Indian fashion is presented overseas. This can only be done if 'thinking designers' get together and brainstorm.
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