''Malaysia offers an international lifestyle yet retains its cultural and traditional elements  and is encapsulated in 'The Stiletto Foodie''' writes Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Malaysia, Dato Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri as a message to readers of the culinary book by Ethel Da Costa. I couldn't have felt more proud as I’ve known International lifestyle influencer, author and communications expert, Founder-CEO of Think Geek Media Ethel Da Costa since a decade; we met in Goa where we worked on projects laced with a spirit of joie de vivre and thorough professionalism. Having always admired her indefatigable spirit to LIVE life, and taken inspiration from it, I sat back to read her newest book written while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The book showcases the author's personal experience dining at Malaysia's culinary gems and her insights from the chefs or restaurateurs spearheading it including Chef Yogi — Flour; Chef James Won — Enfin; Dr. Julianne Huh — 2OX; Steven Yap — Mingle; Chef Florian — Chez Gaston; Erina Pereira — Frangipaani; Wong Ming Yu — Kwong Cheung Loong Kopitiam; Chef Hafiz — Bunglow 37; Antoine Commare — Twenty 29 Foods; Sunder Arunasalam — Mangiare 21; Zainuddin Yatim — BBQ Lamb KL Kemansah; May Chong — Essence Kitchen. A must-buy to get an insight not only of the best and diverse line-up of restaurants dotting Kuala Lumpur but also its culinary culture, tradition and much more that would be invaluable to someone planning a visit there.


My takeaway from the book was about the sheer romance of discovering new places, experiencing new culinary adventures in its entirety and meeting new people hailing a world we were not acquainted with until then… So beautifully captured in one of her reviews, where she writes, ''Energy announces itself before it arrives. I'm told this often, by friends and strangers, as I navigate through life, love, the hustle, and living my truest authentic self. The same resonance I felt when the young and vivacious May Chong, owner of Essence Kitchen  — a Chinese home chef and a tough cookie with heart in the right place — met me…''


As I closed the book after relishing each review and filing it in my mind for my visit to Kuala Lampur some time, I recognised the Ethel I knew and loved for her strength, resilience and determination to showcase talent in the best way possible. Buy this book to experience the culinary culture of Malaysia through the experiences of a single lady committed to life and its immense potential and possibilities. Bon Appetit!

The Stiletto Foodie By Ethel DaCosta The Stiletto Foodie By Ethel DaCosta



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