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I am often asked what it takes to make it to the big league in modeling. In my personal opinion, a model must have a good and efficient agent and be fully prepared, as preparation and a bit of luck equals to success. Keep in touch with choreographers and event organizers. A pleasant personality is always remembered and noticed. Be different than the average whether it comes to mental, emotional or physical aspects. It truly is a cutthroat business so a model must stay strong and positive, as negativity can only hurt you emotionally and can possibly demotivate you in life. 

The crown or having the title Miss Afghanistan definitely makes the road smooth. Most people get excited to be in touch with or meet a beauty queen and to contribute to a cause she is supporting. I once went to a dinner in Beverly Hills Hotel and on our table, I expressed my passion towards charity. There was this man, who out of nowhere wrote me a big check to present any of my favorite NGOs and that just took expressing my feelings towards being charitable. I do not know how this occurred… maybe Christmas time had something to do with it too! However, I do not like to get the media involved in my charities as I do it for the people out of passion. I do not get a penny from it. If anything, I spend my own money at times. I would only get the media involved if the NGO or the media is interested, not for my personal interest. I am involved with IOC, Tabaar, Ashrya, The Banyan, Hope for children of India and many others.

You know, I just got back after a long break. So currently, I am just working internationally for various projects. At present, as I blog, I am in London for the Afghan Art Exhibition at the British Museum. I do my modeling and guest appearances constantly. There are dance projects in Dubai and some commercials but nothing is confirmed yet. I also teach college students motivational approaches towards life. Movies… I am not there in Mumbai full time to pursue films with full commitments. I do like the idea of living my life with less pressure and more of comfort and happiness so I move forward as I please. 

I have so many fond memories. The Reebok commercial I did with Dhoni was very exciting. I love being involved with sports projects. It is a great message to people, of a very healthy way of living. Dhoni himself, as always, was a gentleman but his look alike had such a resemblance that I couldn't tell the difference at times when he had his glasses on. For a Pepsi commercial, I was dressed up as a queen in orange with a middle eastern touch. That was fun, as I always love getting into unique outfits. Meeting Mr. Bill Clinton in one of the fundraisers was a very pleasant experience and winning the highest presidential award in the US for volunteer work was pleasing. 

I would like to wrap up this blog with some advice for aspiring models: Do not get distracted and maintain focus. Know your weaknesses and strengths and use the strengths to achieve your goals. Do not shoot without an aim. Be prepared and work towards the goal. Most importantly, have the confidence and believe in yourself, and you will get somewhere. Finally, do not give up! The effort needs to be put towards getting to your dreams. It is modeling and it is image based; the physical part matters the most. In fact, it matters very much. Globally, we have ethnical acceptance and expectations in order to view a new product. An Arab women's face might not be so popular in China as it would be in the Middle East in order to sell a product to the masses. However, traveling and meeting people all over the globe helps. One word of advice: eat healthy and excersize!

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16-JULY-2011 omar samad
we are so proud of you Vida, your country stands beside you! So much heart, courage to be who you are :)
07-MARCH-2011 Sanjay Rohatgi
She is not only beautiful but a real champion in all walks of life...
06-MARCH-2011 Fred Held
Vida is one of my all time favorite people.
06-MARCH-2011 Hitesh Monga
Be the best, do the best, and let God take care for the rest. GOD BLESS.
06-MARCH-2011 Hitesh Monga
All the best in your future projects....good to read this.
05-MARCH-2011 paromita chowdhury
you are so beautiful; u radiate beauty because you have a beautiful soul.
You've spoken of the cutthroat angle, Vida. We know its very competitive and most models are sharks in disguise. But have you faced trying times in terms of being asked to compromise your rate or sleep with a client? You dont have to mention names but would like to know the truth. Flimsy films like 'Fashion' are just for the masses we feel.
05-MARCH-2011 lata nishchal
Are u walking for the two Indian fashion weeks?
05-MARCH-2011 lara
It is commendable you did not get carried away by the fame and are still supporting the charities, Vida. Some modes do it up to the point of earning a title and neglect it thereafter. love u for this!
05-MARCH-2011 Aman Singh
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