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Sounia Gohil's collections reflect her high-end sensibility. In a fundamental way, the label is about luxury. And luxury, according to her, is about desire. It's about the woman who can and will buy anything… but for her to want it, she has to fall in love with it. From the beginning, Gohil's collections — termed confident luxury — has earned the label its own identity. "Someone who plays a significant role in society, contributes towards the development of the nation is the woman I design for. My clothes are an ode to femininity and compliment the sensuality of the Indian woman."


"I launched my label back in 2007 and it’s been a great journey ever since. I knew I wanted at be a designer at the age of 11 when I began sketching and visualising cheerful clothes. It was more than a hobby! I don't have formal education in fashion; the passion for creating silhouettes since childhood and the belief that I have a strong signature style encouraged me to launch the label!!


When designing, I focus on architectural digital prints. My areas of specialisation and techniques include my ability to play around with drapes and cuts. Innovation in concepts like Lycra held between jaali work of thin metal and thin brass plates with intrinsic work inspired from the old Mughal architecture also define my design philosophy. I seek inspiration in intricate architectural design and structure that have inspired me through my travels—and can be seen in my body of work. It is received well amongst the youth as well as women from all sections of life. As far as signature elements are concerned, most of the embellishments and motifs used in my collections have an architectural touch to them. My Fall Winter collection has classic clean cuts; crop tops and midi skirts, jackets and evening gowns—with unique embellishment on digital prints, warm palettes and motifs reminiscent of architectural influence!


I have often been asked what makes a woman stylish… It’s the attitude of a woman and not the clothes that makes her stylish. This season, pull out your knits, jackets, maxi dresses and midi skirts! But the one must-have item for would be a formal black pencil skirt paired with a classic white shirt. A blazer jacket in black or various colours is also a must have. This brings me to the state of the modern Indian wardrobe and some of the most common fashion mistakes… umm the list is huge!! Showing too much skin doesn’t make you look good. Its one of the worst mistake one can make!  A lot of women in their thirties, forties and fifties are stuck in one specific period of their lives and refuse to acknowledge that their bodies, lifestyle or simply fashion has changed! Some get stuck in their teens, refusing to let go of strappy tees; others are clinging to a certain image of themselves not realising they need to readjust their focus and experiment with different shapes and cuts. Yet others wear ill-fitting clothes! Too large, too small — it doesn’t matter! The point is that both can look bad and even worse make you look bad! Don’t hide in the folds of your baggy outfit and don’t try to squeeze yourself into something just for the sake of it!!


Looking forward, my goal is to take the label to new heights by making it available across the nation and overseas. I guess that’s every designer’s dream? I would like to focus on this dream and have not considered digressing into accessories or any other line yet.

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Sounia Gohil
Sounia Gohil
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