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No better way to start fashion week than on my birthday! It feels amazing to be alive; so much kindness was bestowed on the 11th!  

After fittings on the tenth, I went to support and watch the other group of models walk for Anamika Khanna at Tote. As models crisscrossed and intersected on a maze of a runway, the view was of clothes that afford a structured, chic look. It is always interesting to note each model's signature walk. These walks range from a cool cat like Aleisha Raut to camel stomping ala Angela Johnson, and yet they work for each individual. I then watched Sonam Kapoor from across the front row take in the clothes with her sister. Sonam looked impeccable in her androgynous style with an unmistakable hint of feminine edge. Kapoor aside, the whole party was a power packed lounge from Gautam Singhania to Simi Garewal in white (no surprises there). I sipped my wine, waiting for the clock to strike 12. Whilst I waited, I had a long conversation of what could only be called Fern Mallis and Naeem Khan 'un-cut'. Feeling Privileged and amused we swapped travel and life stories. 

At 12 a.m., Anil Chopra—Head of Lakme, Ravi Krishnan—Head of IMG and designer Sid Tytler serenaded me with a rendition of Happy Birthday! My husband had organized cake and champagne from across the Atlantic though knowing I had the first full day of shows on the 11th, I went easy and called it a relatively early night.

The first show of Chaitanaya Rao was easy breezy resort wear. Walking to thumping music, it came together in the end, undoubtedly with hard work from the stylists to ensure that all protocol was met and not one piece was too revealing. Priyadarshini Rao was sweet, wearable and contained great color blocks. Accessorized well, all of us walked after an AV presentation with crackling thunder. It is always interesting to note how detailed and methodical a designer is. Rao was one of the only designers to have the models she wasn't familiar with do a once over walk so she could gauge where (if) to place them in the sequence and which clothes to assign. I am still smiling about the opportunity to paint my nails bright orange with matching lipstick—only in fashion!

In addition, than there was Sabyasachi Mukherjee! Fittings were such a pleasure because he really does live up to his reputation. Extremely detailed oriented, he had color printouts of his clothes on a mannequin, fully accessorized, with models pre-selected to wear each creation. Colleagues said they would always consider their career complete because they had walked for Sabya. Very much hands on, he explained to us how he wanted a feminine hip swinging walk with a 'rude' gaze, all this to jazz music. Backstage we all had white powdery geisha like make-up with stark red lips, topknots, horn rimmed glasses and bright blue contacts. My colleague Sophie who is the youngest in our group had never worn contacts before and trusted me enough to insert something blue in her eyes!

Gratitude filled my heart as I watched the models in front of me on the live wire—all the hard work and collaboration came together for a stellar presentation. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of walking out with lights blazing and a long stretch of an endless white runway that is all yours, every eye on you… on every nuance, step, stride and pace. As I hit the runway side by side with friend and veteran Candice Pinto, the audible gasp of appreciation and applause was exactly the fulfillment I wish everyone to experience in their chosen work.

After much media flurry post show I came back to my table backstage to find a bottle of Moet Chandon with a bow. IMG had the bottle delivered as a Happy Birthday wish. Sabya's show brought out some old friends like Carol Gracias, Nethra Raghuraman and Bhavana Sharma. Together we poured champagne in coffee cups and raised a toast to life and the birthday! In between the numerous hugs, flowers, cakes and conversations my contemporaries showered upon me, I walked three shows, took photographs, blogged, did an interview on technology, media and modeling for CNN, read up on Buddhism and even had some 'me' time in the lounge at the Grand Hyatt. If March 11th is anything to go by, I have an awesome year ahead!

Getting ready for Day 1, Show 1
Miss Earth Nicole Faria and Anjhula Singh Bais
Moet, backstage
My backstage assistant Dhara and I
Priyadarshini Rao
Putting in a contact lens for Sophie
Ravi Krishnan, Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, Siddharth Tytler, Gunjita Dhawan and Anjana
Sabyasachi's look
Studying backstage
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31-JULY-2011 Amber
You have good points there, that's why I always visit your site, it looks like you are an expert in this field. keep up the fantastic work, My friend recommends your blog.
13-MARCH-2011 Anjhula Mya Singh Bais
Jaya: thank you so much, Lakme Fashion Week participant, you are intriguing me!! Hmm I feel like I know Miss Earth very well, Nicole is that you?? Aasia and Rohan thank you, it was a fab birthday!
12-MARCH-2011 Rohan Sopra
Happy Birthday Anjhula!
12-MARCH-2011 Aasia Abbas
Happy Birthday!!
12-MARCH-2011 Lakme Fashion Week participant
I'm always close to you.. backstage, on the catwalk... find me if u can!!! You know me so well.
12-MARCH-2011 Jasmeen Dugal
Belated Happy birthday, Princess!
12-MARCH-2011 Jaya Rathore
You are a true multitasker Anjhula!!!! HATS OFF TO YOU!
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