Sourcing directly from weavers, educationist and designer Shruti Sancheti has built her label by resolutely working to revive near- extinct weaves — since the time ethical fashion wasn't a buzz word. Till date, she has stayed true to her vision of making heritage weaves desirable to a global audience. I always admired how the designer is a quiet ambassador of indigenous textile craft, employing craftspeople whose handwork is native to a particular region i.e. she worked with Weaver's Centre Nagpur to revive the region's weaves and designed a line in alliance with Jharcraft to create sustainable livelihood in rural regions of Jharkhand. What is her take on sustainability from an Indian perspective! In conversation with the fashion designer on the eve of her showing for Lakme Fashion Week in association with FDCI. 



Shruti, Covid19 may seem like a distant memory today but how has your design aesthetic and business model evolved to meet consumers' changing needs?

Covid 19 was a phenomenon which made us realise the uncertainty of life, and we as a fashion brand, did a lot of introspection in the last three years. From the time of inception, we firmly believed in timeless fashion and sustainability however now we are adopting an even more slower, gentler pace which reflects the choice of a more conscious mind in a post pandemic world. We are focusing extensively on season fluid, versatile, easy separates for responsible consumption — with understated opulence and restrained luxury.To sum it up, we are focusing on timeless, easy separates with a sharp bent on craft and heritage which are relevant, always.


What does Lakme Fashion Week in association with FDCI mean to you?

I have had the privilege to be a part of both the bodies and couldn’t be happier for this association as it spells more solidarity and strength to the fashion industry of India which is more consolidated and unified force to reckon with for the world.


Despite the challenges of showcasing in one of the top fashion weeks you have been punching well above the weight of challenges. How do you handle pressure and processes?

Pressure always helps me to put in my best, and being blessed with fabulous team members, has helped us to do multiple things in multiple cities and countries and we have always come out stronger. The fact that we don’t bow down to pressure or get intimidated by external factors has kept us moving ahead.


What can you tell us about the collection for Lakme Fashion Week?

Our collection for Lakme Fashion in association the FDCI is a show by KVIC. Khadi in Indus is not just a cloth; it has woven itself into the fabric of the nation by playing an integral part of the freedom movement. And though this indigenous fabric has been in existence since pre-historic times, khadi is now a source of pride and dignity for Indians. Our collection Khadder celebrated this season fluid, timeless and versatile fabric with cotton and silk woven in small clusters of Vidharbha. The collection comprises of contemporary geometric motifs, an earthy colour palette and current, versatile layered silhouettes like duster jackets, maxi dresses, co-ordinated sets and pant suits embellished with cord embroidery, mukaish, detailed stitch lines and hand smocking. Laborious hand-block and screen prints, quilting and anchoring make it relevant for every age and gives a fun fashionable twist to this serious fabric.


If people could take away one thing from this collection, what would you want it to be?


I want people to find it fashionable and fun to flaunt the fabric which gave us our freedom!


On a lighter note, where would you eat out and celebrate after the show? And, who would be on your dream front row?

Considering the fact that last few months I have been living out of suitcases, I guess I will end up eating my comfort food of dal, rice and achar at home. And, my dream front row for this show would be textile aficionado, the beautiful Vidya Balan.


What's next on the table?


A lot of collaborations are in the pipeline and I will be sharing those very soon !!


Shruti Sancheti Shruti Sancheti



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