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Return of the Classic Style

Preeti Rao, VP-Business Development at Dolphin International, is working on their luxury division: élitaire. Here she shares her knowledge and some hot decor trends!!

As a young girl, I travelled with my father and soaked in the history and culture of the Greco-Roman styles.. the Baroque and Victorian styles of the courts.. and the lush and beautiful curves of the ornate tapestry of classical furniture. This everlasting impression has formed the basis of our design philosophy at Dolphin Mart. The classic styles have graced some of the most beautiful homes and palaces and hotels.. and is a style you can literally sink into!! Yet with the onset of modernism it had been pushed back for a while only to find its way back into the trend barometer with flair. This season at élitaire we predict the return of the classic.. with a leaning towards creating a new paradigm in furniture trends albeit with a difference.

Today classic furniture makes a glorious comeback with the sleek modern lines that we have become so used to. In India especially I see a return to rich, ornate styles embellished with detailing and created in vibrant colors. The courts of Louis the XIV or the timeless elegance of the Neo-Classical lines cannot be easily forgotten from the cultural heritage of the world. They can however be re-invented into sleeker modern finishes. The trend in décor today is to bring in the statement piece in a classic mode. This could be a chaise lounge or a wall tapestry or stately console that can bring alive a modern living room!! Or exotic cupids in the light fixtures!! Or a gleaming dresser which can add a regal touch to a bedroom. 
Modern furniture with its straight lines and minimalism can look stark. Creating rich contrasts with a mix and match of classic furniture and accessories can bring in a new lexicon to the décor. This also allows for individual expression of the proud owners of the home. I would recommend buying a few such pieces for your home that are classic, everlasting and unique.. pieces that you can see yourself growing old with.. pieces that you would be proud to hand across to the next generation!! So bring alive your home with gilt tiles and rich colors.. hand-crafted pieces of furniture which reflect artisan skill or delightful fountains in the garden. If space does not allow you to bring in heavy pieces of furniture.. work with pedestals and statues which can grace a corner and be a conversation point for your next dinner party. The aim is to create furniture that is comfortable, livable and yet has solidity to it. It is with this vision that we have conceived elitaire as a curated luxury destination that brings alive the essence of the classic in its scope. Our aim is to showcase to people the timeless beauty and elegance of classic furniture and accessories.
My advice on bringing the classic back is: Do not be afraid to mix and match. Pick up one or two pieces that can make the crucial difference. Classic does not mean ostentatious!! So if you have a small home do not worry about having to buy a large piece. A small console or an interesting wall detail can bring in so much more to your home than a furniture piece. The classic style is evergreen and will feed your soul as much as it will your senses. 
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