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'Master Of Materials', Rado's new campaign on Instagram, celebrates women who make a difference to their own lives and that of others. From Lisa Ray to Gul Panag, Konkona Sen, Kalki Koechlin Dia Mirza, to name just a few, the Swiss watch company encourages influential young women to spread the message of empowerment, and pass the baton.


My favourites? Lisa Ray posted, ''Time is precious, seconds disappearing like water into sand, unless you choose to pay attention to everything… Life has taught me to not let the day slip through your fingers, but live it fully now, this breath, this moment. And writing my first book, 'Close to the Bone', has given me a way to share my story of a life fully lived. Here's raising a toast to myself for mastering the art of shining through tough times…’' Gul Panag posted, ''Over the years, I had many folks tell me that I should be a conformist… Basically, that I should play safe… It seemed less exciting. And lacked adventure. So I went about chasing my dreams. Converted them into goals. And made a plan to achieve them. Whether it was my choice of film roles, my decision to continue studies — I got my Masters at 35, to set up businesses or get my flying license- everything had a plan… I celebrate myself for mastering the art of shining through tough times, for converting those times into opportunities and crafting my own destiny. When I missed the boat, I learnt to build a raft, and in time my own boat…''


Soha Ali posted, ''Most people imagine that I was born in the lap of luxury and it is true I have certainly enjoyed a life of relative privilege but where I feel I have the real advantage is in the strong education my parents insisted I have… In a country like India where there are millions of children who do not have access to primary education — a basic human right and many women are denied the confidence and skills required to be truly empowered… My grandmother was married at the age of nine… My maternal grandmother had to fight to get an MA degree in English… My own mother has been asked her whole life how her husband 'allowed' her to work. My privilege of choice— be it education, occupation or choice or life partner— that I take for granted today was earned by my foremothers and I am so grateful to them for paving the way…’'

And that's just a handful of the many achievers who posted and tagged another young woman to pass on the baton…


Rado Master Of Material
Rado Master Of Material
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