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With nineteen years rich experience, Ashwani Goela is entrenched as one of the pillars of the hospitality industry. I was first acquainted with him as General Manager of Crowne Plaza Jaipur, where he was responsible for pre-opening and operations. After experiencing warm hospitality and stellar service from the team under his aegis, and observing his ability to build a great team and drive performance, consequently strengthening the brand positioning, I instinctively knew it would be a game changer for Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport when he recently joined the luxury hotel as General Manager. Over to the soft spoken, suave young man.


''Most people who have managed a luxury hotel, almost anywhere in the world, will agree it's a privilege to be able to positively influence the lives of staff at all levels, the future of their families, the success of our owner's businesses, positive visitor experience and maintaining integrity of the brand. My journey in the hospitality industry began in '99 and since then I have evolved along with it. What do I enjoy about my work? PEOPLE i.e. colleagues and guests, the ability to create a positive work environment and to extend genuine 'trust' to staff at all levels. I'm rarely let down when a higher level of trust is extended to individuals within the organisation in every property I have worked in.


What's unique about Radisson Blu is that we genuinely understand the aspiration of each team member and create an environment where they learn and grow to their full potential; welcoming hospitality and customer service; no short-cuts in taking a structured approach to discipline whenever it's required; a proud legacy of twenty years and standing strong! Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, in particular, has core values of commitment, respect, ownership, excellence, and most importantly, trust for each other. It's a destination property owing to rooms across categories, luxury spa with different levels of experience and award winning dining outlets, Neung Roi and The Great Kabab Factory. Speaking of restaurants, the food and beverage industry has undergone massive changes over the last decade owing to increasing consumer demands and industry innovation. This industry is fast-paced and excessively customer-driven. So, the key challenges I face here are product traceability, raw material quality and rising demand for innovation.


That said, a day in my life as a hotelier looks like this … my day begins at 8 a.m. and I reserve the first hour for some reading. This helps me plan my day and the week. A meeting with the team, followed by one on one interactions, takes the first half while the second half goes in team forums, be it fresh eyes, town hall, service anniversary, birthday bash. Evenings are spent on the floor meeting guests, overseeing entertainment and operations. I try and wind up by 8:30 p.m. though at times I lose track of time when dealing with guests; sharing guest experiences from every corner of the globe is a very interesting part of my job. However, there are a lot of challenges as General Manager, the most important being quality manpower. Employees must be prepared to make a commitment to the business, to their colleagues and to the guest experience even if they seem unreasonable at that time — positive contributions will always lead to positive outcomes. They must understand nuances of the business, how the business is being positioned and contribute to the integrity of the brand, as opportunities occur. From my experience… the advice I'd offer people entering this business — stand for your personal integrity as hospitality comes with integrity. So, key priorities in 2018-19 is Talent Focused Selection Criteria — it's more likely to lead to a positive outcome for applicants and decision makers. Previous experience and qualification is an influence, but understanding talent i.e. the things that come naturally to them almost always leads to a successful appointment that is good for the new team member and the organisation. Looking forward, five years from today, I will surely be a part of this system and contribute in the most positive manner I can.''

Ashwani Goela Ashwani Goela, General Manager, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport



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