The skyrocketing career of Lahore-based model Nawab Usama Ali Khan Khattak is a story of simmering success. His career, which took off in 2014, is going places and chances are we'll see him in theatre and films soon! Stunning looks aside, he proved to be a rad conversationalist, what with being blue-blooded ["my family ruled Khyber Phuktunkhwa from1550–56 until the state was given to Government of Pakistan"] and an architect. In conversation!


"I graduated as an architect from the esteemed National College Of Arts, Lahore. This college has a history of producing architects, painters, designers, models, actors and singers that go on to achieve name and fame. Some of the big names are Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi and Imran Abbas. The environment is different in this college as they trained us in acting, singing, mime, dance etc. I did modelling for college shows and was complimented for being well dressed and pulling off quirky looks. My friends and seniors at college pushed me to pursue it professionally but I never planned for it because a degree was of primary importance to me. 


But destiny knew otherwise! Celebrated fashion photographer Khawar Raiz shot my first portfolio and then I shifted to Karachi to explore modelling opportunities. There, I was discovered and launched by 'The Couture King of Pakistan' Rizwan Beyg who believed in me and gave me a break back in 2014. His advice still stays with me — "Just try it with passion, dedication and hard work; what's the worst that can happen? You won't like it and then you'll try something else?'' But luckily my career took off. People may feel it's my face or physique but what makes me different is my attitude. I don't want to be a part of every campaign or show. I'm selective and believe in quality. In fact I've had a lot of memorable moments in modelling, one of them being my first show! My pants were loose and the belt malfunctioned!! Imagine my condition!! I controlled the situation by putting my hands in my pockets but my walk was so pathetic. In another incident, I was shooting for designer Nilofer Shahidi with another model and 15 rottweilers!! It was the toughest shoot ever handling 15 dogs while posing! Sometimes things get crazy!! Admittedly it feels great when girls are chasing me but it gets awkward when they get persistent! I get a lot of messages on Facebook and Instagram and I can't even begin to describe how crazy it gets. One stalked me — she got my number and messaged me persistently!! In fact she knew so much about me I thought it's mom taking my trip but it wasn't her. Having said all of that, let me give you a shocker. People think I'm a stud, a playboy but I'm a Virgin!! LOL ;-)


On a serious note — through this interview — I wish to convey that I've never worked in India but if given a good opportunity, I'd love to avail it!! Seriously, I'd love to work with Rohit Bal. I first heard of him in my early teens through mom when she came back from his show at Carnival De Couture, Pakistan. I overheard her telling one of her friends "Mr. Bal is Armani of India". Since then he is on my mind. According to me, he is an Architect — he makes walking pieces of Architecture. It's my dream to walk for his show someday ;-) I'd also love to work with Shantanu Nikhil because their cuts and drapes are so masculine and edgy. I would love to wear it, flaunt it and sell it.! Manish Malhotra of course! His shows are like glamorous Bollywood posters and models looks like stars are on the ramp. I would love to be part of his show to feel like a 'Super Star'. Lastly, Manish Arora! I fell in love with his work in Paris. I perceive him as John Galliano of India. His rich palate of psychedelic and kitsch prints and motifs always made me wonder why only womenswear? But finally he came up with an amazing menswear line in collaboration with Koovs. I have everything in that collection!! Thank you, Manish Arora!! If he does launch a menswear line, I'd love to be a part of his quirky shoot and show. That said, I've been doing theatre since childhood and I love performing on stage. I'd love to work for Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Karan Johar!''


I wish the blue-blooded boy with stars in his eyes and conviction in his soul, unbridled success.


Usama Ali Khan Khattak Lahore-based model Nawab Usama Ali Khan Khattak



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