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Those who've observed Ken Fern's ascent in Fashion would have perceived he designs for a select global customer... the kind who prefer a playful, statement look and would be willing to pay for the privilege. But few knew that post- graduation, he won the national Apex Trophy and then taught Fashion for ten years. Although he began designing for friends, for himself, to get his creativity out there, he was lured into the television biz with shows like Jhalak Dikh La Ja, Bigg Boss, Nach Baliye. Initially finances from these shows helped him carve a niche in Fashion. So is it a wonder then that his Resort 2018 showing is creating a buzz in Goa… his holiday destination, a place of solace, a region that envelopes him with memories of growing up… In conversation with him.


''I believe Resort is the way to be! In India and around, most casual urban styles are on Resort lines, i.e. the comfort, styles and colors allow for Resort influences. As a resort designer, it gives me a lot of scope to create styles for various occasions. I like fun fashion, meaningful fashion, clothes that have a story, an inspiration and a tale to tell!! Me, my fashion sense is different because I think differently, creatively. It's who I am! My concept this season is 'Find Your Tribe'. It's about belonging, settling and finding oneself, through different moods, cultures and tribes. The human race has so much diversity and most often people are just trying to fit in! My collection reflects on self acceptance and belongingness. Each of us belong and one must…


'Find Your Tribe' is steeped in influences from tribes which intrigue me, so you will see glimpses of Aztec, Zulu, Mayan, Mexican, Indian and Persian tribes and their art; you will witness an amalgamation of these tribes coming together to create a one of a kind look!! It's the vibe that makes your tribe, your people and your space. To showcase this spirit, I've developed some snazzy prints and my silhouettes are what a 'Ken Ferns' line should be — bold, head turner, attractive, gutsy and glamorous! My clothes are not for the faint hearted or for those who shy away, is what I can say…!!


On a more serious note, I believe I've understood design in its true sense, and having done that, I can adapt and deliver to any design-based canvas whether it's a showcase, costume design, styling or uniforms! I've successfully attempted each of these categories. By God's grace, I manage to balance that thin line between fashion and costume designing: it is two different worlds and two different scenarios. So I try to maintain a balance throughout. The only thing constant is creativity. That said, I like to create, play and experiment… clothing has a purpose but Fashion has an entirely deferent purpose and perspective. Fashion is an applied art and art has its own interpretation. It's meaningful. That said, I like change and diversity in what I do, hence I have my hands in many a project that bring out that sunshine in me. I don't like a dull day!! Speaking of which, the three things I just cannot do without when prepping for a showing is my dedication to achieve, my team who puts in endless working hours and injects positivity into everything, some great music to keep me swinging and the desire to create!!''

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