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Goa has a lot to look forward to as Rubaru Mr. India 2018 kicks off in a few days. This pageant is dedicated to discovering talent from the rural sector and upholds intelligence, humility, positivity, respect for everyone and a good personality. Rubaru Mr India is dynamic, comfortable in his skin and possesses a star quality that marks his presence. In conversation with Rubaru Founder President Sandeep Kumar on the eve of the pageant.


Describe the current state of the modeling industry.

The Indian modeling industry is one of the most well-established modeling industries worldwide. It has given the world some of the finest models and fashion icons. It has given individuals a platform where they expand their horizon, show the world their talent and fulfil their dreams. If we talk about pageantry, for some it is a stepping stone to showcasing their talent in the International arena, for others it is a whole new world they had the opportunity to experience. Here, our goal is to provide contestants with a credible platform where they can get closer to fulfilling their dreams.


What do Indian models need to imbibe today to compete on a global format?

Determination, dedication, discipline and confidence — with a positive attitude. All these attributes combined forms a personality that is perfect to represent our nation at the International arena. One should be confident about who he is and treat each individual with respect. A person who embodies all these qualities would be a perfect representative of our country, not just in the pageantry world, but at any International platform.


As the force behind "Rubaru Mr. India" what is your vision? What do you feel sets THIS pageant apart?   

Our role is to search for potential candidates who would then be role models for others. We groom these talented individuals so that they may present the best version of themselves. It is not necessary he should be the most good-looking man; a good personality and attitude goes a long way. A person with good looks, without a positive attitude and personality, is like a flower without fragrance!


When did you start organising this pageant? I would love to know about its history and challenges you faced while organising it from scratch.

It all happened in 2004 when we launched the Rubaru Group as an NGO and talent promotion group in Haryana. We started our journey by organising regional modeling hunts, moved to state level events and then we made it a North Indian event; ultimately the national event was created. During this beautiful journey, I was joined by Pankaj Kharbanda, who is currently serving as vice-president of the Rubaru Group. He played a crucial role in taking the Rubaru Group to a whole new level. He stood with me during thick and thin and he is doing excellent work. After successfully organising national levels pageants like Rubaru Mr India, Rubaru Miss India Elite and Rubaru Mr and Miss Junior India, we hosted prestigious International modeling competitions in India. We are the only Indian organisation who hosted International modeling competitions in India four times in a row. We brought Supermodel International Contest to India in 2016 and 2017, and we brought Mister Model International Pageant to India in 2016. We hosted The Face Of Beauty International in India in 2017. It was the first time these competitions happened in India. And now we are all set to launch our own international pageants, Mister Model Worldwide and Miss Supermodel Worldwide.


What is your personal role and responsibilities?

As founder president of the Rubaru Group, I ensure everything is done in a proper holistic manner. From the auditions to the finale, everything is carried out the way it should be. I also attend most state level auditions and ensure the most deserving candidates get shortlisted. During the pageant, I ensure each candidate gets equal opportunities to showcase his calibre and receive quality training from our experts. My partner Pankaj also ensures things work in the way they are supposed to be and at the grand finale we make sure the best candidates get selected to represent the nation. Lastly, after selection, we ensure that the winner gets everything he needs to represent India in the best possible way and bring pride and joy to our motherland.


Tell us something that most young people don't know about the modelling industry and how it works.

It seems like a fascinating world however in order to be a part of this world of glitz and glamour, one needs to be much more than a handsome face. In order to be successful, one needs to be dedicated to his work and must respect others' opinion. In this industry, you will face criticism but you must handle it with a calm dignified approach. Overnight success brings fame and recognition and gets you admirers however the way you handle success is much more important than achieving it.


Once the winners have been chosen at the finale.. what is the role you play in their lives?

Once the winners get chosen we make sure they receive grooming and training sessions from experts so that they can represent India at the International platform in the best possible way. We ensure they get everything they want to transform themselves to present the best version of themselves. Apart from representing India at the international stage, our winners work for various causes that we support.


What is most challenging about what you do at "Rubaru Mr. India"? What is most rewarding?

The most challenging part about Rubaru Mr India is scouting for candidates from the rural sector as there are so many potential contenders in villages and remote areas who can do wonders if given a chance. So, the toughest part is to reach this hidden talent and then encourage them to come forward.


A few nuggets of wisdom for contestants!

Respect each individual, be humble, be optimistic and be confident.

Rubaru Mister India
Rubaru Founder President Sandeep Kumar
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