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Lingerie is no longer just for the ladies! An increasing number of men are squeezing their buns into tiny sexy undies too... and loving every moment of it!

Men are no longer satisfied with ordinary boxers or briefs! In 2006, less than 50 per cent of underwear for men were sold was white. As the trend picked up... the likelihood of an encounter with a tightie-whitie-clad man in 2008 was increasingly slim. 2012 is all about lot of color and prints and styles. The trend in men's underwear is that it be attractive and show off a man's physique. Apparently, this message has not made its way around because most men are running around in underwear too large for them!
As a lingerie and sleepwear designer I would advise men to wear what looks the best on you but more importantly wear what you feel most comfortable in! Some of the popular styles in men's underwear includes briefs. Now briefs should be in every man's underwear wardrobe for several reasons. It gives great freedom of movement, doesn't bunch up under the pants and provides support. Additionally, with today's low-rise styles, the lower briefs won't pop out above your waistline! Even boxer wearers should keep a couple pairs of briefs around for those times when they'll work best with what you're wearing. This category is for the guy who likes to have fun. He's adventurous and not afraid to take risks.  That goes for his fashion choices as well.  He's daring and confident in his appearance. 
Boxers are pretty popular to! A man remembers his first pair of boxers: it's truly a coming-of-age moment in a man's life. Boxers look good on all physiques. it can be large and thus camouflage a man's physique and are socially acceptable to be seen in... sort of! For all these reasons, a man should have at least a few in his wardrobe. This category is for the guy who likes to keep it simple. He's not opposed to something with style but he likes his comfort first. For the classic man.
Trunks is the latest silhouette in men's underwear. It's really a boxer brief but with a shorter inseam. If you have issues with your boxer brief leg constantly riding up, a trunk will give you all the features and advantages of a boxer brief but with a shorter leg. This category is for the guy that's all about style. He's all about refinement but also isn't afraid to have a little fun with his fashion choices. For the fashionable man! Thongs is a personal preference. But one should have just one pair at least for the fun of it and to give the love in your life a little shock! This category is for the guy who is stylist, fashionable and daring!! 
Men should have at least ten pairs of underwear on hand at all times. That is one for every day of the week plus two additional for weekend nights and another thrown in for good measure or some sort of... um... emergency. Active guys - the workout buffs, outdoor types and heavy sweaters - will need a few more to meet their needs. The opposite is not true for couch potatoes: sitting around all day doesn’t mean you can get away with fewer!! So the next time you are pressed to get dressed... remember one thing: the better your underwear looks on... the greater chance she'll want to take it off ☺
Pic Credit: Seahorse Underwear Campaign
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