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Make-Up: Back to Basics

December is here and this joyful month always brings with it plenty of excitement! And what better way to kick it off than a workshop at Fat Mu Academy with my favourite natural healer... click here for organic skincare tips and so much more!

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09-DECEMBER-2011 Tara
Here's where you can look to sign up for some: http://on.fb.me/u0Hl7l. Only in Bombay for now chicas!
08-DECEMBER-2011 kalpana
Share some learnings with us Tara?
08-DECEMBER-2011 Shonali Kapur
Do they have a branch in Delhi? Or would you know other similiar places?
08-DECEMBER-2011 mandeep kaur
We look forward to the web address. It sounds very interesting!
07-DECEMBER-2011 Tara
You'll have to sign up for the workshops Pooja.
07-DECEMBER-2011 Tara
There are frequent workshops conducted at the Fat Mu academy in Bandra, ladies! Call up Virginia for more deets. I'll share her contact details.
07-DECEMBER-2011 Pooja
What is the costing of this natural, organic sknicare course and how does one go about it? Is it only in Mumbai?
07-DECEMBER-2011 Mandira Bedi
What are the details of this course?
06-DECEMBER-2011 Prerna Nath
Nice. Informative. Give us some tips on cleansing and toning skin with natural products
06-DECEMBER-2011 mohandeep
I own a chain of parlors in Jammu. Interesting read.
06-DECEMBER-2011 laila rai
Where may we enroll for this course and how much do they app. charge? I would be quite interested to learn and follow.
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