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I landed in HK on 25 October and met three overseas contestants from Taiwan, Korea and Singapore at the airport. An Elite model from Singapore is my room-mate in Regal Riverside Hotel in HK. We all have our own guardians from the contest and a girl named Bobo is my guardian: she takes care of everything that is required by me at any time. One sweetheart she is! We connected instantly before our first press conference here and she taught me a few Chinese words like how to say hello in HK and that is dae-ga-ho! Ha!ha! So... here people see me at events and greet me with namaste and I respond with dae-ga-ho! A perfect cultural exchange!!

It is an absolute honor to represent India in Mr. Asia 2012. I have made some good friends here and now I have one friend in every Asian country i.e. Thailand. Korea. Singapore. Malaysia. Taiwan. Mainland China. Russia. Ukraine. Macau. Our group of overseas contestants (group 2) has not really interacted much with contestants coming in from China because they are in a different group and we have not had many events with them but we have met the local contestants and most of them have just returned to HK from the US or Canada or some of the other western countries after completing their education. 
I am one of the younger age bracket contestants (the average age group here is 22-29 years). It's been quite a joy-ride till now... a little hectic though! The first day we were taken to La Mod Salon and Hair Spa in Central HK where we spent half a day meeting grooming experts and getting a haircut or skin care or body scrub. The following day we met our fitness experts thereby starting our fitness regime and then heading to Beautytech IN Causeway Bay for hair and make-up and fittings for the promotional event in the evening at Times Square. The next morning we met image consultants and acquainted ourselves with the do's n dont's for the month and more importantly the image we should project for the contest. Next up was the press conference which was more like an introductory set up for the media here to interact with the overseas contestants. The most taxing day was when we did our first photo-shoot in a major studio. The look for it was that of a snow man but it turned out to be excellent!! 
The most exciting event for me so far has been the Halloween at lan Kwai Fong. The street was full of media and people for the event. I have never heard more 'namaste' in my life than in that night!!! We have even done promotional events for one of the sponsors for our jeans!! Hey we even had a free day last week and went straight to Disneyland. Guess you are never too old for Disneyland... ha!ha! It was quite an experience with my International set of buddies..! See you soon with more updates from the pageant!!
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23-NOVEMBER-2012 Simon Yip
U are my winner of Mr.Asia 2012. All the best!!!
04-NOVEMBER-2012 Lovell
All the best Sahil
03-NOVEMBER-2012 Amit Bagal
KudoooSs! .. We know that u are gonna make us proud! cheers !! for ur win in advance...
01-NOVEMBER-2012 Rakshit
oll da best ahead senior>
01-NOVEMBER-2012 mahesh dattani
Make India proud
01-NOVEMBER-2012 malini sengupta
Loooooove you Sahil you are sooo hotttt!!!!!!
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